He’s Back

After four decades in Germany, choreographer William Forsythe returns to the U.S.—and to his ballet roots. William Forsythe is a man of mystery. Just when you feel like you start to “get” what he’s doing, he surprises everyone by going in a completely different direction. After revolutionizing ballet as we knew it in the ’80s,More »

Working Out With Mathilde Froustey

The San Francisco Ballet principal revamped her body philosophy after leaving France. When Mathilde Froustey joined San Francisco Ballet after 12 years with the Paris Opéra Ballet, she felt like she’d stepped into an entirely new body. “In Paris, I felt a lot of pressure to be really slim and I was afraid to haveMore »

Get Competitive

Ask any director what they’re looking for in dancers, and more often than not they’ll say “versatility.” Case in point: We polled top ballet directors this issue on how they choose principals, and almost all mentioned dancers who can “do Sleeping Beauty and Forsythe” (Mikko Nissinen, Boston Ballet), “lead an entire show…in many different roles”More »

Working Out With Stella Abrera

In her first season as a principal at American Ballet Theatre, Stella Abrera experienced a kind of exhaustion she’d never known before. “For 14 years, I got used to gearing up to do one pas de deux or one solo, and I would usually feel fresh beforehand,” says 38-year-old Abrera, who was promoted in 2015.More »

The Savvy Dancer

Over the past decade, the number of students earning a bachelor’s degree in dance has jumped by 33 percent. That’s an encouraging testament to both the popularity of dance and dancers’ faith in the value of a college diploma. The only problem is that, unfortunately, the number of professional dance jobs hasn’t seen the sameMore »