Are Story Ballets the Only Way To Build New Audiences?

Everyone in the ballet world knows that the classic, full-length stories are typically the easiest sells at the box office. But does that mean the only way to build your audience is by grabbing people through more Nutcrackers and Swan Lakes, and hoping they’ll stick around for less conventional rep later in the season? Not necessarily, according toMore »

Can Dance Training Cause Psychological Harm?

Any dancer could tell you that spending hours in front of a mirror being corrected every day will affect you psychologically. Sure, it can create incredible discipline and inner strength. But dancers are also known to be susceptible to issues like perfectionism and eating disorders. Now, a new study out of Portugal shows that dance training—particularly in ballet—might be associatedMore »

Paloma Herrera Named Director of Teatro Colón’s Ballet Company

Argentine newspaper La Nación just reported this morning that Paloma Herrera has been named director of the ballet company at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. It’s an exciting homecoming for Herrera. The Buenos Aires native trained at Colón’s school before moving to New York as a teenage prodigy and, at 19, becoming American Ballet Theatre’s youngest principal in its history. She retired from theMore »

“SYTYCD” is Coming Back—And Wants You to Audition

After a season experimenting with a younger cast, “So You Think You Can Dance” just announced that it’ll return to its traditional format this summer. “This season is about giving our loyal fan base what they’ve been asking for,” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe wrote in a press release. “We’ve decided to go back to basics byMore »

Coming Soon: Doctors Who Actually Get Dancers

Ever gone to the doctor and feel like they just don’t “get it”? Dancers don’t exactly live regular lives, and they don’t have regular needs. So regular physicians don’t always have the know-how to answer your questions or advise you in a way that makes sense within a dancer’s lifestyle. There’s good news: Next month, The Actor’s Fund and Mount Sinai are openingMore »

MMA Champion on Ballet Class: “It Was Harder Than Any Workout I’ve Ever Done”

We love hearing about professional athletes “seeing the light,” a.k.a. realizing the benefits of ballet training. (We also enjoy watching them suffer while trying to learn from Miami City Ballet’s Nathalia Arja.) The latest athlete to admit to being a bunhead comes from the brutal world of mixed martial arts. According to a recent story reported by the World Series ofMore »

San Francisco Ballet Just Announced an Epic 2018 Season

Top ballet companies have earned a reputation for being a bit safe and predictable in their programming in recent years. Which may be why San Francisco Ballet’s 2018 lineup is making bunheads’ jaws drop. Artistic director Helgi Tomasson just announced a New Works festival that will include 12—yes, 12!—world premieres by a range of today’s “most inspired” classical and contemporaryMore »

We Tried It: The Museum Workout With Monica Bill Barnes

I was doing jumping jacks in front of a sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning when a security guard’s face caught my eye. He was grinning from cheek to cheek. And his smile reminded me, Oh right, this isn’t normal. Instead, it was Monica Bill Barnes‘ latest experiment: The Museum Workout. For the next four weeks, Barnes andMore »

Why Aesha Ash is Wandering Around Inner City Rochester in a Tutu

Growing up in inner city Rochester, NY, Aesha Ash was just one of the neighborhood kids. She’d imagine people driving by, judging her by her black skin. “They’d never know that I was dreaming of becoming a professional ballet dancer. No one would think, Some day she’s going to make it into New York City Ballet,” says Ash. After anMore »