Should Artists Respond to Reviews?

We all know the internet has overhauled traditional dance criticism, giving anyone with an opinion and a wifi connection the ability to share their thoughts, no matter how informed—or not—those thoughts might be. But should those who take part in a ballet have their say as well? Last week, writer Hanna Weibye reviewed a Royal Ballet triple bill onMore »

Meet Your New Favorite Foam Rollers

Dancers are well-known hoarders when it comes to massage balls and foam rollers. But how could we not be when there are so many great new options constantly coming out?   I’ve recently become obsessed with these three new options: Hyperice’s Vyper Vibrating Roller  At first, the intensity of all the motion under my hamstring felt almost unsettling. (When I letMore »

Keigwin + Company Is On a Mission to Dance in Africa

Larry Keigwin is experiencing the best kind of culture shock right now. As he wrote on his blog yesterday about arriving in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire: Can you remember that instant when you landed on another continent and suddenly everything was foreign? My first impression? Holy Shit it is Hot (the kind of heat that fogs upMore »

Got Stage Fright? There’s an Online Juilliard Course for That

Your pulse is racing. Your mouth feels dry. You can’t stop sweating even though you feel cold. But what’s most worrying is that you can’t stop your hands and knees from trembling, even though you’re only moments away from stepping on stage. Performance anxiety can sabotage even the most talented dancers. Studies suggest that at least 50 percent of all performing artists—regardlessMore »

Alarmed by Today’s Politics? Don’t Sit Around. Dance.

“It’s such a strange and alarming time,” says dancer/choreographer Danielle Russo. To rally the New York dance community, and help support vulnerable organizations that are important to her, she decided to launch an improv jam called Care to Dance. Half the proceeds from the $10 admission go to Planned Parenthood, and the other half go to the American Civil LibertiesMore »

3 Reasons To Abolish the NEA—And Why They’re Wrong

The White House budget office has drawn up a preliminary list of programs it could eliminate to cut spending. And in a strike to our hearts here at Dance Magazine, it includes the National Endowment for the Arts. This is little surprise: The NEA has been a perennial target for fiscal conservatives ever since it was launched in 1965. (Which, inMore »

Video: Find Out the Secret of Ratmansky’s Muse

Where does master ballet choreographer Alexei Ratmansky get his inspiration from? In a fascinating conversation with writer Hanna Rubin in Dance Magazine‘s March issue, he spoke about what drew him to create his two latest ballets: The Fairy’s Kiss, which recently premiered at Miami City Ballet, and Whipped Cream, which American Ballet Theatre debuts next month in California.More »

Are Story Ballets the Only Way To Build New Audiences?

Everyone in the ballet world knows that the classic, full-length stories are typically the easiest sells at the box office. But does that mean the only way to build your audience is by grabbing people through more Nutcrackers and Swan Lakes, and hoping they’ll stick around for less conventional rep later in the season? Not necessarily, according toMore »

Can Dance Training Cause Psychological Harm?

Any dancer could tell you that spending hours in front of a mirror being corrected every day will affect you psychologically. Sure, it can create incredible discipline and inner strength. But dancers are also known to be susceptible to issues like perfectionism and eating disorders. Now, a new study out of Portugal shows that dance training—particularly in ballet—might be associatedMore »