We Tried It: The Museum Workout With Monica Bill Barnes

I was doing jumping jacks in front of a sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning when a security guard’s face caught my eye. He was grinning from cheek to cheek. And his smile reminded me, Oh right, this isn’t normal. Instead, it was Monica Bill Barnes‘ latest experiment: The Museum Workout. For the next four weeks, Barnes andMore »

Why Aesha Ash is Wandering Around Inner City Rochester in a Tutu

Growing up in inner city Rochester, NY, Aesha Ash was just one of the neighborhood kids. She’d imagine people driving by, judging her by her black skin. “They’d never know that I was dreaming of becoming a professional ballet dancer. No one would think, Some day she’s going to make it into New York City Ballet,” says Ash. After anMore »

At Last, David Hallberg Is Back at ABT

2017 has started off with some fantastic news: David Hallberg is coming back to dance in the U.S. American Ballet Theatre announced yesterday that he’ll be dancing with the company during its spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. Hallberg, 34, hasn’t performed with ABT since June 2014—and fans (including us) have been missing his princely presence ever since. For two andMore »

Just in Time for That Holiday Party: Violette Verdy’s Pâté Recipe

The Dance Magazine archives are a bonafide treasure trove of dance goodies. Earlier this year, I came across one of my all-time favorite articles from years past: A December 1960 story on Violette Verdy‘s pâté recipe. Of course, this February we lost the vivacious French ballerina who had been one of Balanchine’s great muses. So it only felt rightMore »

Marketing to Millennials: Perform in a Brewery, With Free Beer and a Class

What gets 20-somethings to dance performances? It’s the million-dollar question on the minds of presenters, directors, dancers—basically anyone who has a stake in the future of our field. One possible answer? Turn your performance into a party. Last week I went to a show at the Brooklyn Brewery put on by Keigwin + Company dancer Emily Schoen, who runs her own smallMore »

Rare Footage: Watch These Two Iconic Sugarplums

Just in time to battle Nutcracker exhaustion, Jacob’s Pillow has released the sweetest holiday gift: A video of Alicia Markova performing the Sugarplum Fairy variation at the festival—in color, with music (added later in the 1970s). This clip is one of the latest additions to The Pillow’s highly addictive Dance Interactive site. (Beware, you can all-too-easily fall down a danceMore »

Nourishing Our Dance Souls: The Dance Magazine Awards

At the end of the Dance Magazine Awards last night, editor at large Wendy Perron summed up the event perfectly: “I feel so nourished,” she said. It was an exceptionally moving evening filled with heartfelt dances and profoundly honest speeches. What a treat it was to see awardee Tiler Peck perform “Fascinatin’ Rhythm” from George Balanchine’s WhoMore »

Sergei Polunin Lands Major Movie Roles

It’s hard not to resent Sergei Polunin a little bit. After walking away from his principal position at The Royal Ballet at age 23, frustrated—as he later told Dance Magazine—by the lack of support, money and exposure he was getting as a ballet dancer, now it looks like he’s having his cake and eating it, too. Not only is Polunin dancing again—under IgorMore »