Stretch Yourself

New York City Dance Alliance’s summer intensive pushes dancers beyond their comfort zone. When you’re heading into your final training years, there’s a lot of pressure to decide what kind of career you want and perfect that technique, be it Balanchine, Horton or hip hop. So dancers often opt for summer programs with a narrowMore »

Lonely at the Top

Prodigies face unique challenges during training years and beyond. In most classic stories, we root for the underdog. Ballet is no exception. We love hearing about dancers overcoming impossible odds, about the ones with bad feet and zero turnout rising to the top, about stepdaughter Cinderella slipping on those glittering pointe shoes and outshining everyone at theMore »

What Makes a Principal?

Artistic directors reveal how they decide who gets the top promotion. There is one question at the ballet that might provoke more curiosity than any other: Who will be promoted to the rank of principal dancer? The answer is at times gratifying, and, at others, totally baffling. One dancer may rise quickly, while another waitsMore »

Hamilton Receives A Record-Setting 16 Tony Nominations

The 2016 Tony Award nominees have been announced. And, unsurprisingly, everyone’s favorite musical that they’ve never seen, Hamilton, swept the ballots. In all, the show is up for 13 categories—every single one that involved musical theater, except revivals. And with multiple nominations in some, Hamilton has 16 shots at winning—the most in Broadway history. Even ifMore »