Isabella Boylston’s Bosu Routine is Insane

In our February cover story on Isabella Boylston, we praise the many qualities that make her a captivating performer: her boldness, her rock-solid technique, her spontaneity, her ideal facility. But we didn’t realize that she’s also superhuman. Though dancers often post impressive workout videos on Instagram, Boylston’s Bosu ball routine takes the cake. In caseMore »

Meet Shamel Pitts, A Former Batsheva Dancer with a Striking Dance Film

Shamel Pitts’ dance film, “Blackbox,” has the kind of cinematic visual quality most dance artists can only dream of. A room that feels almost dystopian—with furniture and objects covered in black trash bags—sits in the middle of an expansive desert, with no other signs of life in sight. Since leaving Batsheva Dance Company last JulyMore »

Inventive Choreo + Justin Timberlake + 37 Amazing Dancers = Our New Favorite Vid

Sometimes, a viral video comes along that has everything. A clever concept. A striking visual setting. Captivating choreography. Crazy-talented dancers. This new dance film from choreographer and director Andrew Winghart has all that—plus a groovy soundtrack from Justin Timberlake. “Cry Me a River” uses 36 women to embody the “river” with beautiful, uber-specific canons andMore »

Martha Swope, Beloved Dance Photographer, Dies at 88

Martha Swope, the celebrated photographer of dance and theater and frequent contributor to Dance Magazine‘s pages, passed away yesterday at the age of 88. Swope’s images, spanning from the 1950s to the 1990s, provide a lively record of dance and Broadway history. A School of American Ballet student-turned-photographer, Swope captured countless images of dance greatsMore »

What’s Actually Happening When You Do Fouettés

Engaged core. Turned-out standing leg. Generous plié. Pulled-up spine. Whipping head. When executing fouettés—or any dance step, really—there are countless things to think about. But have you ever considered the science behind all the technical details we strive to master? A TED-Ed talk from last year breaking down the physics of fouettés has once again capturedMore »