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Misty Copeland's New Under Armour Ad

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Jul 31

It's getting harder and harder these days to turn on the tv, flip open a magazine or even browse the internet without bumping into Misty Copeland. And I love it. The American Ballet Theatre soloist has become ballet's unofficial ambassador everywhere from "So You Think You Can Dance" to Dr. Pepper commercials and Blackberry ads to features in


Be Sharper in Morning Class

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jul 30

Having trouble nailing petit allégro during morning company class? Try sleeping with your blinds open. Why? A recent study from University College London found that participants were more alert after they were exposed to light during the last 30 minutes of a sleep cycle. Once awake, the group was able to complete more math…


Vail Kicks Off

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Jul 29

The Vail International Dance Festival began its 25th year this weekend, running through August 9. Each year, director Damian Woetzel curates programs that, for lack of a better description, bring the coolest stars of dance together. As we've di…


The Bolshoi’s Spartacus: Fortunately, Unfortunately

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Jul 28

Fortunately, the Bolshoi’s Don Q was fun and wonderful. Unfortunately its Swan Lake was dreary (though it livened up when our June cover girl, Olga Smirnova, took the lead). And so it goes.Yuri Grigorovich…


Ballet-Scented Perfume?

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Jul 25

Quick quiz—what does ballet smell like? Perfume house Penhaligon's London has tried to bottle it in their scent Iris Prima. In a promotional video, dancers from English National Ballet describe what they think of as the aroma of ballet. Some answers are funny: "The dreadful smell of…


President Obama Honors Bill T.

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Jul 24

Bill T. Jones has a new honor to add to his collection: A 2013 National Medal of Arts. President Barack Obama will present the award to Jones and this year’s 11 other recipients in a ceremony at the White House on Monday—you can catch the live stre…


Pennsylvania Ballet Names Angel Corella New Artistic Director

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jul 23

Last night, Pennsylvania Ballet revealed its search for a new artistic director was over. Starting in September, Angel Corella, will fill the slot. He'll replace longtime artistic director, Roy Kaiser, who announced his plans to step down back in April.   When it comes to name recognition, it doesn't get much bigger than Core…


Saturday Is National Dance Day

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Jul 22

Clear your Saturday if you haven't already. National Dance Day, founded by Nigel Lythgoe and the Dizzy Feet Foundation in 2010, is being celebrated on July 26. The main events are in New York, L.A. and Washington DC with tons of offerings, from classes to performances, that really show off dance's range.  


Swept Away: Fire Island Dance Festival

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Jul 21

The glories of nature blended with the glories of dance in DRA’s Fire Island Dance Festival, now celebrating its 20th year. It’s hard to resist letting your eyes rest on the waves of the bay behind the stage. And when the dancing embraced the setting—whether by in…


Dance School Diaries

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Jul 18

It's official: dance movies, documentaries, TV shows and web-series are everywhere. The latest to join the likes of city.ballet. and Strictly Ballet is  


Don't Underestimate Pilobolus

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Jul 17

Pilobolus sometimes gets a bad rap in the modern dance world. People like to complain that “they’ve sold out,” or “they’re just a bunch of tricks.”   But watching the company’s opening night at The Joyce Theater this week, I couldn't help thinking to myself, These guys are onto someth…


Stress Less

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jul 16

This week, NPR is rolling out a series of stories related to stress, tackling topics like how it affects our emotions, our sleeping patterns, what we eat and how we work. According to a poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Publi…


Christopher Walken to Join NBC's "Peter Pan Live"

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Jul 15

Last year, NBC aired its "Sound of Music Live" program, starring Carrie Underwood, to mixed reviews. Though the viewership numbers were incredible—18.5 million people tuned into the broadcast, with final rerun and DVR numbers totaling upwards of 22 million&mdas…


Dorrance Dance Unlocks Tap for Everybody

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Jul 14

Michelle Dorrance performing at Jacob's Pillow in 2013. Photo by Christopher Duggan.   Last summer M…


Fashion for Your Friday

posted by Meggie Hermanson on Friday, Jul 11

Good news for all of you dancing fashionistas: Net-A-Porter, the luxury-brand online retailer, launched Net-A-Sporter this week. Consider it your online go-to spot for all things (fancy) fitness-wear. The 'yoga/dance' s…


Broadway Sneak Peek on SYTYCD

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Jul 10

Sometimes, my favorite part of "So You Think You Can Dance" isn't the duets or the dance-for-your-life solos, but the group numbers, where all the competitors team up to perform together. Last night was one of those episodes, when all 20 finalists presented "New York, New York" from On the Town, choreographed by Joshua Bergasse after Jer…


Sleep Better Tonight, Dance Better Tomorrow

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jul 09

A rough night's sleep can easily translate into a tough, sluggish day at the studio. And new research from Tel Aviv University's School of Psychological Sciences confirmed that interrupted sleep can be as detrimental as getting no more than four hours of continuous sleep.   The research team compared participants' mood, a…


First Look: Lil Buck with Katie Couric

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Tuesday, Jul 08

Lil Buck is on a roll. His mix of high and low art has made him the media darling of the moment, and whether you're a Fox News watcher, a P…


Paris Opéra's Nicolas Le Riche Farewell to Be Live Streamed

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Jul 08

The Paris Opéra Ballet will say goodbye to one of its most beloved étoiles tomorrow: After over 30 years with the company, Nicolas Le Riche is retiring. Luckily for us, the July 9 farewell will be live streamed at


The Bolshoi on Tour: Still Soviet After All These Years?

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Jul 07

We will be excited to see the Bolshoi no matter what rep they are doing. The dancers deliver on a big scale (the word "bolshoi" means big), the tradition of handing down the classics is unbroken, and for this tour they are traveling with the Bolshoi orchestra. Plus, our sympathy is at an all-time high because we know the company has been through …


NYCB Goes to Broadway

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Jul 03

Lincoln Center seems like it's gotten closer to 42nd Street somehow. Next season, not one, but three (!) New York City Ballet principals will be starring in major musicals.   Tiler Peck will be reuniting with Susan Stroman to dance (and sing and act) in Little Dancer, a new musical about the young ballerina who posed…


NCI: A Win-Win Situation

posted by Amy Brandt on Thursday, Jul 03

For the past 11 summers, emerging choreographers and dancers from across the country have gathered in southern California for the National Choreographer’s Initiative. And the benefits are two-fold: Dancers on their summer break receive engaging, process-oriented work, while the four selected dancemakers receive creative freedom, valuable st…


Superfood Substitutes

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jul 02

Happy (almost) Fourth of July weekend! Whether you're taking a dish to a BBQ or prepping your own spread for friends, try using these superfood substitutes for a fresh take on traditional summer fare.   If you're grilling, opt for turkey burgers. They're leaner than beef burgers and have lots o…


Tap City Celebrates America

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, Jul 01

Gene Kelly in Singin' In the Rain. Courtesy Turner Entertainment.


Promotions at ABT

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Jul 01

For us dance folk, the end of a season doesn't just mean the start of summer vacation. It's also the time of year for hirings, firings and promotions. American Ballet Theatre just announced a handful of dancers who are climbing its ranks. Soloist Isabella Boylston, who took on a sign…


From USA IBC–Jackson: Washington Ballet’s Andile Ndlovu

posted by Amy Brandt on Friday, Jun 27

For the past two weeks, over 90 dancers from around the world have taken over the city of Jackson, Mississippi, for the USA International Ballet Competition. Since Tuesday, the remaining 31 finalists have been strutting their stuff to packed audiences at Thalia Mara Hall. While there’s been plenty of thrilling pyrotechnics in the classical …


USA IBC Results

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Friday, Jun 27

After two weeks of competion, the jury of the 2014 USA IBC has selected the medalists and those receiving special awards. Dance Magazine sends a big congratulations to all of the winners! Men’s Senior Gold Medalist – Jeong Hansol, Republic of KoreaWomen’s Senior G…


Marquese "Nonstop" Scott Is at it Again

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Jun 26

When Marquese Scott posted an off-the-cuff clip of himself dancing to Foster The People’s "Pumped Up Kicks" a couple years back, it was the very definition of viral: Within days, it had more than 2 million views on YouTube. Today, it has more than 106 million. Even non…


Should You Go Gluten-Free?

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jun 25

First there was fat-free, then sugar-free, and now, we’re in the age of the gluten-free craze. It seems like there’s a hot new health fad everyday (can I say Shakeology?), so it can be hard to determine what’s a trend and what may actually be good for you.  



Cedar Lake, Meet Cedar Lab

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Jun 24

We know that the members of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet are talented dancers. But what will happen when they take on the role of choreographer? Though the company's new artistic director Alexandra Damiani is expected to keep the troupe in line with Be…


Full Circle for Trey McIntyre Project

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Jun 23

At Jacob’s Pillow this week, the Trey McIntyre Project will go out with a bang. They’ve visited the Pillow often since 2005, including the summer of 2008 when they announced the launch of a full-time company. The group is a hit with the Pillow audience, as it is with spectators all over the country. The secret? McIntyre chooses irresi…


Royal Ballet Dancers Boycott Moscow Tour

posted by Amy Brandt on Friday, Jun 20

This week, the Royal Ballet has been performing at the glittering Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. But two senior dancers, who the company has declined to name, are absent. Earlier this month, the dancers—one man and one woman—pulled out of the Royal’s tour to Moscow in protest of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay legi…


NYC Dance Week = Free Classes

posted by Amy Brandt on Thursday, Jun 19

Today marks the start of NYC Dance Week, a 10-day event of free and discounted dance, somatics and fitness classes at studios citywide (including the outer boroughs). Mark Morris Dance Center is this year’s partner studio, although other participating studios include The Ailey Extension, Power Pilates, Peridance Capezio Center, Ballet Acade…


Sun Smarts

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jun 18

It’s that time of year again. As summer layoffs start and temperatures rise, take advantage of a yoga class in the park or catch an outdoor dance concert. It’s a great chance to get some of the vitamin D you may have missed out on during colder weather. In…


NY Hearts Boston

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Tuesday, Jun 17

To mark the end of its 50th anniversary season, Boston Ballet is coming to New York’s Lincoln Center for the first time ever. They’ll perform two programs of neoclassical and contemporary works June 25–28, including New York premieres of Alexander Ekman’s Cacti and Jose Martinez’ Resonance. To get t…


L. A.—A Mecca for Dance Students?

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, Jun 16

Although Los Angeles is a clear destination for commercial dance, it’s famously a place where ballet companies founder. And it’s not a big city for modern dance either. But during my visit there last week, I saw that things are changing. Los Ange…


Ballets Russes Classics from the Comfort of Your Couch

posted by Amy Brandt on Friday, Jun 13

While we’re lazing around next Saturday afternoon, the Bavarian State Ballet will be hard at work, performing a triple bill of early 20th century ballets from the repertoire of the Ballets Russes. But you don’t have to miss out—the company is streaming their performance live on STAATSOPER.TV for free. The performance, which star…


The World at Seattle's Feet

posted by Amy Brandt on Thursday, Jun 12

If you happen to be in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood this weekend, you’re in for a treat. That’s because the ninth annual Seattle International Dance Festival: Beyond the Threshold starts tomorrow, running through June 22. The event kicks off with a dance party at dusk, complete with food trucks, flash mobs and impromp…


White Or Wheat?

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Jun 11

Pop quiz: If you’re standing in the grocery store bread aisle, which kind of bread should you buy? White or whole wheat? While health-conscious dancers may automatically reach for whole wheat, the answer isn’t so cut and dry.   In fact, new research in the …


What’s Going on in College Dance Today?

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Tuesday, Jun 10

This past weekend, I got to attend the American College Dance Festival Association’s National Festival. I was a panelist for the ACDFA/Dance Magazine awards for outstanding student choreographer and outstanding student performance, along with Suzanne Callahan and Daniel Singh. We saw 31 pieces from dance departments large and small…