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Our Sylvie Prayers Have Been Answered

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, May 28

This morning, I opened an email from Dance Magazine's associate editor Kristin Schwab that said, simply, "OMG SHE'S COMING."   The "she" of that OMG is Sylvie Guillem, who is currently on a world-wide retirement tour that, up until now, didn't include any stops in the United States. Over the past few months, the …


Feeling Depressed? Soak Up the Sun

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, May 27

Vitamin D is a must-have for dancers since it helps the body absorb calcium to maintain strong bones. But recent research from Oregon State University suggests the vitamin may also be linked to mental health.    The study in 


The Best of London—In Four Days

posted by Wendy Perron on Monday, May 25

I was lucky to hit London town in time to see three amazing dance concerts, a rehearsal of a terrific cabaret act and two hallowed centers of dance.First up was Woolf Works, Wayne McGregor’s new extravaganza for The Royal Ballet. Based on three of Virginia Woolf’s novels, it’s really an ode to Woolf, as well…


Another Reason We Love Jacob's Pillow

posted by Ali Castro on Friday, May 22

First, three sailors from New York City Ballet bounce through Jerome Robbins' exuberant choreography. Then Carmen de Lavallade commands the stage against a windy backdrop of trees. Next comes Savion Glover hoofing it, and before you know it you're back in 1937 with Ted Shawn.  


Laid-Off Dancers Go DIY

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, May 21

What do you do when your company cancels the rest of its season? Put on your own show, of course!    At least that's what a group of Sacramento Ballet dancers are planning. Last week, the company laid off all of its dancers for the final three weeks of its 2014…


Dance for Twyla—No Experience Necessary

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, May 20

Students at a 2014 Twyla Tharp summer workshop where rep included The One Hundreds. Photo by Kyle Froman.   If you've ever wanted to try your hand—and feet, legs, arms and most importantly brain—at Twyla Tharp's mind-boggling choreography, now is your chance. Next month, Tharp'…


Tap Nerds Unite

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, May 19

Want to win $500 worth of tap classes? Or, want to learn about the history of tap dance? If you are anywhere near New York City, immerse yourself in the lore of tap this week. New York is one of the cities where tap dance was born. Go on a treasure hunt to find the exact locales where the tap legends danced. 


The Top 10 Highlights of ABT’s 75th Anniversary Blowout

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, May 19

We all walked out of the Metropolitan Opera House on a high from basking in the glorious history of American Ballet Theatre. On Monday night, 24 excerpts from 23 ballets were rolled out before our eyes (and ears, with the ABT orchestra playing live), interspersed with spoken comments and film clips. Watching the long series of excerpts was like o…


Fast Food = Real Food? We're Getting There.

posted by Kristin Schwab on Monday, May 18

When you're a dancer, running from school to class to rehearsal to performance means you might very well be eating three meals away from home. And it takes a lot of time—and a lot of Tupperware—to constantly eat home-cooked meals on the go.It's a big struggle to eat healthy while eating out. Bu…


Best of Both Worlds: The Coffee Nap

posted by Ali Castro on Friday, May 15

Coffee, or a nap? Now, you don't have to choose!


Gillian Murphy: "An ABT Ballerina Needs Chutzpah"

posted by Hanna Rubin on Thursday, May 14

What makes American Ballet Theatre quintessentially American? A new Ric Burns documentary American Ballet Theatre: A History tries to find an answer. The film airs tomorrow night on PBS’s American Masters series just as the company kicks off its 75th anniversary season. Expect snippets from dancers like Misty Copelan…


Watch Dance Magazine's New Web Series

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, May 13

Melissa Toogood during a rehearsal with Pam Tanowitz's dancers. Photo by Jim Lafferty.   Having a dance career means devoting countless hours to your craft—think of all the classes,…


No Child Left Dance-less

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, May 12

Teaching dance in public schools can be filled with joy—but not all the time. The endeavor has to have the support of school principals as well as access to excellent teachers. This month New York area folks will be able to see PS DANCE! a documentary that gives five examples where those two ingredients line up and every kid gets t…


Misty Copeland Shows Another Side of Herself on "60 Minutes"

posted by Kristin Schwab on Monday, May 11

Misty Copeland is the perfect example of what a leading dancer should be offstage—poised, warm and articulate. And that's what we've seen from her time and time again as people beyond the dance world have continued to show their support in her rise to the top of American ballet. Sometimes though, Copeland can start to…


6 Lessons I Learned in My First Year of College

posted by Ali Castro on Friday, May 08

As summer draws near and the school year comes to a close, I got to catch up with the New York City Dance Alliance Foundation 2014 Dance Magazine College Scholarship Winner Paul Morland. He’s finishing up his first year at New York University. Between classes, finals, rehearsals and a student choreography showing, he shared some of the most…


6 Secrets of Mats Ek's Success

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, May 07

Both thrilling and unsettling, Mats Ek’s provocative dance-theater pieces can haunt you for days. What does it take to make that kind of work that audiences don't forget? A new one-hour documentary, The Choreographer Mats Ek, offers a glimpse, diving …


11 of Our Favorite Dance Videos on YouTube

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, May 06

If you're reading this, just accept the fact that for the next 30 minutes, you're not going to be productive. Instead, you're going to take a nice trip down memory lane, courtesy of the Dance Magazine staff. Why? YouTube is celebrating double digits this year. And in light of its anniversary, th…


When Things Go Wrong Onstage

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, May 05

I’ve never seen performers have so much fun with a huge technical mistake. Last Saturday during a matinee, the cast of Something Rotten! turned what could have been a disaster into a spontaneous moment that made the uproarious script even funnier.Although most of us in the audience didn’t know it, the set for Scen…


How Big of a Ballet Nerd Are You?

posted by Kristin Schwab on Monday, May 04

"Jeopardy!" might not exactly be a show that's on your DVR queue. But you'll certainly want to tune in tomorrow, w…


Dancing Through Trauma

posted by Lauren Wingenroth on Friday, May 01

In the midst of heartbreak, injustice and violence, Baltimore protesters are finding peace and positivity through dance. The events of the past week surrounding Freddie Gray’s death have sparked an incredible amount of med…


How to Win an A.C.E. Award

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Apr 30

The Capezio A.C.E. Awards are back! Choreographers, this is your chance to win up to $15,000 towards a evening-length show of your work. The first step: uploading a video clip to Fifteen entries will be selected to p…


New NYU Fellowship Focuses on Women Choreographers

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Apr 29

In a dance world where the words "female choreographers" and "lack of" are paired together more often than not (especially in the ballet realm), we can't help but get excited when a promising opportunity comes along. This week, New York University's fledgling  


10 Things We Didn’t Know About Christopher Wheeldon

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, Apr 28

Dance Magazine has published several stories about the brilliant, multi-faceted choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, including a cover story and a recent feature on t…


This Just In: Tony Awards Announces 2015 Nominees

posted by Kristin Schwab on Tuesday, Apr 28

At Dance Magazine, we've been thrilled that this year has been one of the biggest for dance on Broadway in a long time. And in our opinion, the danciest productions of the season were the ones that truly stood out. But of course, we figured some of our natural bias might lean us that way.Until now. The 2015 Tony Award nom…


Apply Now for YoungArts Awards

posted by Kristin Schwab on Monday, Apr 27

Calling all high school dancers! Applications for the National YoungArts Foundation's annual awards are online. Dancers and choreographers of any style can apply through a video audition for a chance to win up to $10,000. Eventually, th…


A 102-Year-Old Woman Sees Her Younger Self Dance for the Very First Time—And It's Amazing

posted by Ali Castro on Friday, Apr 24

  Imagine having a career as a dancer, but never seeing any of the work you had don…


One More Reason to Put Down That Soda

posted by Madeline Schrock on Thursday, Apr 23

Whether you call it Coke, Pepsi, soda, a soft drink or pop, it all means the same thing: a fizzy drink with high-fructose corn syrup. And while we all know that guzzling Mountain Dew is not the healthiest way to make it through a long day in the theater, what about having the occasional soft drink?   A…


Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Raises Over $4 Million

posted by Kristin Schwab on Wednesday, Apr 22

In the Broadway community, spring is signaled by one event: the annual Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Easter Bonnet Competition 


Six Reasons We Love David Hallberg

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, Apr 21

Last Friday, we got to see that David Hallberg is more than a ballet superstar. While recovering from an injury, he is not wasting time. He organized a Legacy Gala program in association with Youth America Grand Prix that presented six international companies he has danced with. Here’s a partial list of why Hallberg is such a no…


Congratulations to Our Joffrey Ballet School Scholarship Winners!

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Monday, Apr 20

For dance students, the only thing better than getting into the summer intensive of your dreams is getting in on full scholarship. Each year, the Dance Magazine Video of the Month contest on hosts a contest for students to win full tuition scholarships to a


On the Edge, and Not Apologizing for It

posted by Ali Castro on Friday, Apr 17

Over the past few days, I've had the pleasure of taking a choreography workshop led by Donna Uchizono, a Guggenheim fellow and Bessie award-winning choreographer. She came equipped with exercises designed to challenge and provoke the future dancemakers in the room. The first day, we experimented with tasks and strategies in the space to crea…


Misty is a TIME 100

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Apr 16

The latest chapter in Misty Copeland's mind-blowing story: She has just been named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People for 2015. She appears on one of five covers of the latest issue, keeping good company with icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Kanye West.    In the  


H.I.I.T. It Without Stressing Your Knees

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Apr 15

High-intensity interval training has been gaining popularity in the fitness world for some time now—and for good reason. This form of cardio involves alternating sets of intense exertion (typically running) with slower recovery for several minutes at a time. Certain studies have even shown that H.I.I.T. can increase one's health and fitne…


YAGP’s Dazzling Constellation Includes David Hallberg as Impresario

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, Apr 14

It’s not only hundreds of wannabe dancers who are chomping at the bit to attend the gala nights of Youth America Grand Prix. It’s also New York’s ballet world in general. The gala this Thursday offers the “Stars of Tomorrow” in the first half (meaning the winners of this glittering yout…


Finally, A Premiere Date for "Flesh and Bone"

posted by Kristin Schwab on Monday, Apr 13

It feels like forever ago when we found out that a new ballet thriller was coming to TV. And that's because it kind of was: In early 2013, word got out that Starz was developing a series called "Flesh and Bone." Later that year, we were told it would star


Critiquing the Critics

posted by Lauren Wingenroth on Friday, Apr 10

Critical dance reviews hold a lot of power. They shape the way we perceive pieces we haven’t seen, and challenge us to rethink pieces that we have seen. They can define the status of companies and choreographers, and help us make decisions about wh…


Imagine: Getting Arrested for Dancing

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Thursday, Apr 09

What would you risk to dance? The new Akram Khan–choreographed film Desert Dancer, which opens in theaters tomorrow, tells the true story of Afshin Ghaffarian, who formed a secret dance company in Iran. Dancing in the country is punishable by several months in pris…


Goodbye, Luigi

posted by Jennifer Stahl on Wednesday, Apr 08

Jazz master Luigi passed away yesterday in his home in New York City. A memorial will be announced soon, but in the meantime, his longtime associate Francis Roach says that in lieu of flowers, Luigi had asked for scholarship donations so students could learn his life's work.…


5 Reasons to Stock Your Dance Bag with Raisins

posted by Madeline Schrock on Wednesday, Apr 08

If you have a long day ahead of you, packing snacks to get you through it is just half the battle of eating healthy. Here at DM, we're making it easy for you. Just think back to elementary school snack time. Yes, we're talking about raisins. Here are five reasons they're a fantastic choice for helping yo…


Beyond Tokenism in Swan Lake

posted by Wendy Perron on Tuesday, Apr 07

In the ballet world it’s rare to see an African American amidst the swan corps, and wayyyy more rare to see an African American as the Swan Queen. I believe this has not happened since Lauren Anderson danced the role at Houston Ballet in the mid-'90s. But this week The Washington Ballet will present a cast of Swan Lake with an Afri…