On the Edge, and Not Apologizing for It

posted Friday, Apr 17

Over the past few days, I've had the pleasure of taking a choreography workshop led by Donna Uchizono, a Guggenheim fellow and Bessie award-winning choreographer. She came equipped with exercises designed to challenge and provoke the future dancemakers in the room. The first day, we experimen… Read More >


Misty is a TIME 100

posted Thursday, Apr 16

The latest chapter in Misty Copeland's mind-blowing story: She has just been named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People for 2015. She appears on one of five covers of the latest issue, keeping good company with icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Kanye West. 

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H.I.I.T. It Without Stressing Your Knees

posted Wednesday, Apr 15

High-intensity interval training has been gaining popularity in the fitness world for some time now—and for good reason. This form of cardio involves alternating sets of intense exertion (typically running) with slower recovery for several minutes at a time. Certain studies have even shown… Read More >

Finally, A Premiere Date for "Flesh and Bone"

posted Monday, Apr 13

It feels like forever ago when we found out that a new ballet thriller was coming to TV. And that's because it kind of was: In early 2013, word got out that Starz was developing a series called "Flesh and Bone." Later that year, we were told it would star Read More >


Critiquing the Critics

posted Friday, Apr 10

Critical dance reviews hold a lot of power. They shape the way we perceive pieces we haven’t seen, and challenge us to rethink pieces that we have seen. They can define the status of companies and c… Read More >


Imagine: Getting Arrested for Dancing

posted Thursday, Apr 09

What would you risk to dance? The new Akram Khan–choreographed film Desert Dancer, which opens in theaters tomorrow, tells the true story of Afshin Ghaffarian, who formed a secret dance company in Iran. Dancing in t… Read More >


Goodbye, Luigi

posted Wednesday, Apr 08

Jazz master Luigi passed away yesterday in his home in New York City. A memorial will be announced soon, but in the meantime, his longtime associate Francis Roach says that in lieu of flowers, Luigi had asked for scholarship donations s… Read More >


5 Reasons to Stock Your Dance Bag with Raisins

posted Wednesday, Apr 08

If you have a long day ahead of you, packing snacks to get you through it is just half the battle of eating healthy. Here at DM, we're making it easy for you. Just think back to elementary school snack timeYes, we're talking about raisins. Here are five… Read More >

Let's Give It Up for Dances In Suits

posted Monday, Apr 06

There's nothing better than a man in a good suit—except for an exquisite male dancer in a good suit.


Preserving the Past

posted Friday, Apr 03

Last week, dance great Bill T. Jones blogged about the question of preserving the past within the next generation of dancers. He commented on how refreshing the Martha Graham Dance Company's performance of its newest work—The Tempest Songbook—was, as it fus… Read More >


Bad At Auditions? Try This

posted Thursday, Apr 02

Auditions can be terrifying. You put all of your training, your body, your personality on the line for someone else to judge, wondering whether or not they'll say those soul-crushing words "Thank you for coming, but..." The fear of being cut can tense up your muscles, throw off your balance… Read More >

What 5 Minutes Outside Can Do for Your Dancing

posted Wednesday, Apr 01

If you're feeling cooped up in the studio—maybe tensions are running high between you and your partner, or your brained is fried from learning lightning-fast choreography—and you have a five-minute break, take it outside. Why? "Getting some fresh air" is more than just a saying. It a… Read More >

The #ArtisticChallenge Takes Over

posted Monday, Mar 30

There's a new meme taking over my Facebook and Instagram: the artistic challenge. (Though there seems to be discrepancy over what it's actually called. The artist challenge is a contender, too.)

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Tonight: PBS Brings Mark Morris Home

posted Friday, Mar 27

Nothing to do on a Friday night?


Think again.


For the ultimate post-rehearsal treat, grab the popcorn (and maybe an icepac… Read More >


Who's That Girl?

posted Thursday, Mar 26

Americans may not yet know the name Courtney Richardson. But that’s about to change. The Detroit-born Dresden Semperoper Ballett standout will make a rare appearance on U.S. shores April 2–4 at Dance Salad Festival in … Read More >


Dancing Under a Whale: Armitage! Gone Dance at the Museum of Natural History

posted Wednesday, Mar 25

If you're craving some science and dance and you're in NYC between now and Friday, why not head to the American Museum of Natural History? 


There, in the Milstein … Read More >

Cedar Lake Will Shut Down

posted Monday, Mar 23

It was the shot heard 'round the dance world: On Friday, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet announced that this will be the company's final season. A notice on its website says that the troupe will still fulfill its Boston and Brooklyn performances,… Read More >


Making It Work

posted Friday, Mar 20

Dancers at a college audition


It’s no secret that a career as a modern da… Read More >


4 Dancer-Friendly Foods to Celebrate Spring

posted Thursday, Mar 19

If you're like me, after a brutal winter in the Northeast, spring just can't get here fast enough. Besides the warmer temperatures March offers, there are plenty of in-season foods to get excited about. So on the eve of the first day of spring, why not include one of these vegetables or fruits i… Read More >

Tribeca Film Fest Is Now Dancer-Approved

posted Wednesday, Mar 18

The always-trendy Tribeca Film Festival features an intriguing twist this year: A line-up of dance films! Thank you, Robert De Niro—we highly approve of these choices. 


Our top Tribeca picks: 

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