Italy, By Land, Sea, and Ballet: The Positano Prize

posted Monday, Sep 30

Below Naples, Southern Italy, the coast stumbles into the Mediterranean, a dazzling blue, in a chaos of steep rocks that have survived millennia of volcanic activity.


When I was invited to attend the opening ceremonies of Premio di Danza, the first weekend in September, I ha… Read More >


United Nations of Ballet

posted Monday, May 06

Larissa Saveliev is the founder and artistic director of Youth America Grand Prix, the largest international student ballet competition. In that role she helps place promising students in excellent schools to continue the… Read More >


My Moment With Makarova

posted Thursday, Dec 20

Sixteen years ago, a 10-year-old girl started to dream about one day dancing Swan Lake on the New York stage just as her idol, Natalia Makarova, had done in 1976. That 10-year-old girl was me. Little did I know that nine years later, my dream would come true, and on the exact same stage a… Read More >


Letter From Lyon, Part Deux

posted Thursday, Oct 04

Attending 13 dance concerts in seven days must be some kind of a record—and this on top of my L.A.-to-Lyon jet lag. But who’s counting when I’m in the city famous for the birth of film and where an enterprising young dance aficionado named Guy Darmet helped put Lyon on the terpsi… Read More >


Letter from Lyon

posted Wednesday, Sep 26

While foiemaggedon is currently roiling California foodies (the law banning the delicacy officially took effect July 1), and I can get all the fatted goose liver dishes my little heart desires here, my main reason for coming to France’s second largest metropolitan city is its famed Lyon Danc… Read More >


Dancing Across Borders

posted Thursday, Aug 30

When I first arrived in Copenhagen it seemed that everything I did was characterized as “so American.” I was caught off-guard because I didn’t understand what could possibly be wrong with being American. One day, after a few months of immersing myself in the Danish cultu… Read More >


The Worth of a Smile—or a Giggle

posted Friday, Jul 27

The bell tower tolls as the peacock’s feathers unfurl. The show has begun. Welcome to the Pantomime Theater, a Chinese-style, open-air theater nestled near the entrance of Copenhagen’s beloved Tivoli Gardens. In other words, my home for the summer is a giant peacock. Twice a night her … Read More >


Tales of a Multitasking Ballerina Abroad

posted Friday, Jul 13

One of the most magical things about ballet is its ability to take you all over the world. You can watch a performance of Giselle and be transported to a little village in Central Europe during the grape harvest or you can land a job in Copenhagen and find yourself on a plane Denmark-boun… Read More >


Letter from Venice: Redux

posted Tuesday, Jun 26

It’s hot, crowded and very expensive. Indeed, if I were writing a travel book, I’d call it Venice on Five Euros A Minute. But seriously, there’s a reason hordes keep coming to this achingly beautiful town, and for me, it’s not only to walk through history, where th… Read More >


Tharp's Come Fly Away Wraps Up its U.S. Tour

posted Thursday, Jun 21

Sinatra’s sultry voice washed over Pittsburgh’s Benedum Center as the curtain rose for one last time. Despite the dim lighting, the faces of the performers visibly exuded a special radiance. Sunday night marked the final show of Come Fly Away’s National Tour and I was lu… Read More >


Letter from Venice

posted Tuesday, Jun 19

Known for its spectacular art, architecture, music, and the gently lapping waters of its famed canals, Venice has recently joined the ranks of cities playing host to edgy European dance festivals. The dance portion of the Venice Biennale—the grande dame of contemporary art exhibitions fo… Read More >


Wrapping Up in Korea: Dance Is a Cultural Currency

posted Tuesday, Jun 12

After an entire week in Seoul, Korea, we spent our last night in the most well-equipped theater on this tour: no sunlight, smells, people smoking backstage, pre-show speeches, or sharing the stage tonight. It was just TMP. The crushed rosin sounded like fall leaves being stepped on as it made a sp… Read More >


Bows Interrupted: Trey McIntyre Project in China

posted Wednesday, Jun 06

After dancing with five-inch fingernails in the Philippines and dodging scooters in Vietnam, Ashle… Read More >


Scooters, the Saigon Opera House, and Doing The Twist in Vietnam

posted Tuesday, May 29

The ever adventurous Trey McIntyre Project is currently on a four-week goodwill tour of Asia, as part of Read More >


Trey McIntyre Project's First Stop: The Philippines

posted Monday, May 21

After a 24-hour travel day, I stepped off the plane with the rest of Trey McIntyre Project’s touring company in Manila, Philippines. Closing my eyes and breathing in the humid air, I prepared to embrace the experience of a lifetime. Opening my eyes, I saw billboards in English. English? Havi… Read More >


Moving Day Chez Merce

posted Thursday, Apr 05

Seventy of us gathered that evening of Friday, March 30, 2012 to take the last class at the Merce Cunningham Studio, closing after 41 years at its Westbeth location. Among us were current and past students, teachers, and company members. Douglas Dunn (click Read More >


Last Fling in Paris for Merce Dancers

posted Thursday, Dec 29

Paris, December 13-24. Our last stop on the Legacy Tour before our final shows in New York at the Park Avenue Armory.  Paris is like a second home to the company. We go there every year and our list of favorite places to visit has grown: La Duree (dessert royalty), Per a Cheval (cute lunch re… Read More >


Keeping Up with a Whirlwind Tour

posted Monday, Nov 14

One of the realities of the Legacy Tour and the final days of the company is the succession of farewells and all of the activities surrounding the celebration and commemoration of a long history. The shows are the main attraction, but the subsequent events are just as dazzling and just as draining… Read More >


From Pyramids to RainForest: Merce's Dancers in Mexico

posted Monday, Oct 03

On our final world tour, traveling to unknown cities such as Mexico 
City makes me think fondly of Merce. The dancers are thrust into
 unfamiliar places and encouraged to push through our fatigue to
 experience something new. It's not unlike dancing in the Cunningham
 Company or being expo… Read More >


Rocking and Rolling in Eastern Europe

posted Thursday, Aug 25

After days and days of rehearsals and travel, The Washington Ballet is finally hitting the stage tonight in Turkey at the 9th Bodrum International Ballet Festival! The trip so far has been full of amazing new experiences, and I cannot wait to share our performances with the wonderful people … Read More >