Highlights of YAGP Galas

posted Monday, Apr 14

Youth American Grand Prix, the largest youth competition for ballet in the world, has always stressed artistry as well as technique in its galas. For its blockbuster 15th anniversary two-night celebration, students in the house screamed equally for fabulous jumps and turn… Read More >


Bring Your Questions for Sergei Filin

posted Friday, Apr 11

As if it weren’t enough that Youth America Grand Prix is giving us three fantastic programs of dance at the Koch Theater—and last night’s show was dizzyingly good, earning thunderous applause—the organization is also giving us a public interview with Sergei Filin. The Bolsh… Read More >


A Dense Sliver of March Madness

posted Sunday, Mar 30

Yes, dance has spread throughout the world. But there are times, like this last stretch of March Madness, that New York still feels like the center of the dance world. The wonder for me was not that I saw eight dance events in one week, but that they were all exciting performances with cr… Read More >


Martha Graham and the Asian Connection

posted Monday, Mar 24

Although the Graham season this weekend emphasized Martha’s Greek connection, it got me thinking more about her Asian connection. From the legendary Yuriko in the 1940s on down to the latest star, PeiJu Chien-Pott, these dancers have been breathtaking interpreters of Graham’s vision.Read More >


Good Work Comes from All Types of Colleges

posted Monday, Mar 17

It’s pleasantly shocking to see the choreographic diversity pouring out of colleges and universities. And it’s not just the better-known dance departments that are producing daring, well-crafted work, but also many community colleges.


Read More >


Kylián is Catching On—Finally

posted Sunday, Mar 09

Jiří Kylián has been a gigantic influence in Europe for decades, but it’s been rare to see his works in the U.S. Now, suddenly, his choreography is highly visible. This week, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago presents four of his pieces in its Read More >


The Wonder Women of NYCB

posted Sunday, Mar 02

The astonishing thing about the women of New York City Ballet is that even with the retirement of two of the company' most magnificent dancers, the bench of remarkable women is still deep. The six-week winter season that just ended brought this home to me.

 <… Read More >


Jenifer Ringer: Embarking on New Worlds

posted Monday, Feb 24

Two weeks ago, Jenifer Ringer danced her farewell to New York City Ballet. After saying good-bye to this sublime dancer on the stage, we can now say hello to her in two new realms: First, her book is being released today. And second—this just announced&mdas… Read More >


Feeling Over Fireworks: Royal New Zealand Ballet

posted Saturday, Feb 15

I was lucky to see two performances of Royal New Zealand Ballet, now with Ethan Stiefel at the helm. On its first U.S. tour in 21 years, the sm… Read More >


Miami City Ballet Loves Bernardo

posted Sunday, Feb 09

I fell in love with George Chakiris the moment I saw him in the movie West Side Story. With a dignified, controlled sexiness as the leader of the Sharks, he captured my heart—and that of millions of other Americans—in 1961. When he danced Bernardo, who fought for the rights of… Read More >


A Night of Pure Dance and Music

posted Friday, Jan 31

Some of the best dancers in New York are kicking up a storm in After Midnight, the musical about the Cotton Club of 1920s Harlem.


Karine Plantadit, of recent Come Fly Away fame; … Read More >


A Dancer Who Survived the Holocaust

posted Monday, Jan 27

We’re all survivors in one way or another. Either we’ve survived being sick or injured, or we’ve survived a difficult period in our lives, or we’ve survived hard dance training. But the survival story of dancer/choreographer Helen Lewis is way beyond what most of us could i… Read More >


The Lore of “Dances at a Gathering”

posted Monday, Jan 20

When Jerome Robbins showed George Balanchine his work-in-progress to Chopin music, Mr. B said, “More, make more—like popcorn.”


OK, so maybe you’ve heard that story—or maybe you’ve heard the version where Mr. B says peanuts, not popcorn. Bu… Read More >


If You’re Starting a Company, Shhhhh

posted Monday, Jan 13

Everyone knows it’s hard to keep a dance company going. And in this economy, it’s twice as hard. Sure, it’s nice when enterprising dance folks take the plunge to start new companies,<… Read More >


Dance Curators' Sharp Focus

posted Monday, Jan 06

We all like to talk about which choreographers we like and which one’s leave us cold. The great thing is that we can change our minds depending on the venue, the performers, and the music.


But I think that programming has a lot to do with how we respond to a piece&mdas… Read More >


Wendy's Best of 2013

posted Sunday, Dec 29

Warning: The following claims are entirely subjective and are limited by what I’ve seen or not seen.



BEST (and worst) NEW CHOREOGRAPHY (world premieres or New York premieres.)

Bo… Read More >


Dancers Have Big Hearts

posted Monday, Dec 23

You can see that onstage and you can see that in their awareness of others less fortunate.


After the recent typhoon’s destruction in the Philippines was all over the news, Ashley Bouder, New York City Ballet’s firecracker principal, decided to help in the way tha… Read More >


Philip Glass' Bond with Dance

posted Monday, Dec 16

When I hear Philip Glass’ music, it swirls in my head and I get overwhelmed by the beauty of it. I have always felt this way about his music, and I know other dancers do too. So many in the audience were moved by his speech at the Dance Magazine Awards that I wanted to transcribe it and shar… Read More >


Away from Tokyo, Toward a Dance of Darkness

posted Monday, Dec 09

In the midst of my ballet sojourn in Japan last month, I was lucky to see one of today’s greatest (wildest, deepest) butoh performers. A cross between a rock star, a wounded panther, and a Ghandi-like figure, … Read More >


My Week in Japan, Courtesy YAGP

posted Monday, Dec 02

The future of ballet depends on a pool of talent constantly flowing into the profession from all over the world. I got to see some of that pool—ocean, really—as a judge at Youth America Grand Prix Read More >