Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To whom do I direct my subscription problems or changes?

A: Please visit our Subscriber Services page, or call us at 1-800-331-1750.

Q: How do I submit a news item for publication?

A: You may send press releases and other notices through the mail ATTN Courtney Escoyne or email. Submissions should include the sender’s name, address, telephone number and email for verification of details. Deadline is ten weeks prior to issue.

Q: How do I send a letter to the editor?

A: You may send letters through the mail, or email to Letters must be signed with name, city, and state and must include a weekday telephone or fax number for confirmation. Letters become the property of Dance Magazine, which reserves the right to edit them. We do not print anonymous letters, although we will consider withholding names on request.

Q: How do I submit new products for editorial purposes?

A: Write to

Q: How do I submit an event listing for the Performance Calendar?

A: The only way to list your event for the Performance Calendar is to click on the Performance Calendar link located on this website.

Q: How do I order a back issue of Dance Magazine?

A: Go to our webstore.

Q: How do I get information on Dance Magazine’s Dance Finder?

A: Email us at

Q: How do I get information on Dance Magazine’s classified section?

A: Email us at

Q: How do I get information on advertising my business in Dance Magazine?

A: Please contact Amy Cogan, Vice President & Group Publisher, or call 212-979-4862.

49 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hi Raelyn—we do not accept unsolicited photos for publication, but if you would like to work with us on assignment, contact creative director Raymond Mingst.

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  20. Why no subscription option for Android or Windows users? They are by far the largest percentage of the consumer market. I’d love to subscribe, but don’t need another stack of magazines in the house.

  21. How far back do Dance Magazine copyrights extend? Are the really old magazines now in the Public Domain?

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