How Joshua Bergasse Won The Golden Ticket

He’s the Emmy-winning, Tony-nominated Joshua Bergasse in the playbill, but just “Josh Bergasse” (pronounced bare-GAHSS) when he affably introduces himself to the 70 people assembled at Broadway Dance Center for his advanced theater class. They know who he is, of course, and it’s the reason they’re there. Reese Snow, BDC’s associate executive director, calls himMore »

Performances Onstage this Month

Gravitas, Russian-Style SAN FRANCISCO During last fall’s World Ballet Day LIVE, San Francisco Ballet’s choreographer in residence, Yuri Possokhov, talked to the dancers about his new work, Optimistic Tragedy. It’s inspired by what the Russian raised expat describes as the “monumental hope” of the 1917 Russian Revolution, saying, “We still hope of the best future.” In the choreography, masses of men surgeMore »

Upheaval at Staatsballett Berlin

The appointment of Sasha Waltz and Johannes Öhman has already proved controversial. Unrest is brewing in Berlin. In September, local government officials announced that the current director of the Staatsballett Berlin, Nacho Duato, would be replaced in 2019 by a duo of co-directors: choreographer Sasha Waltz and Sweden’s Johannes Öhman. In response, the company’s dancers, worried about theMore »

Farm to Theater

Rural arts venues are continuing to grow. While not a new idea, the development of rural sites dedicated to arts creation is trending with renewed intensity, particularly in the Northeast. “Getting out of the city and going where the company lives together, shares meals together, it creates a family,” says Andrea Miller, artistic director of GallimMore »

A Place to Play

Broadway Dance Lab gives choreographers freedom to experiment. He calls it the Broadway Dance Lab, but Josh Prince doesn’t think parochially. The not-for-profit “dance incubator” he founded in the fall of 2012 has welcomed choreographers from the ballet world (American Ballet Theatre star Marcelo Gomes) and from contemporary concert dance (Bessie winner Larry Keigwin) asMore »

Advice for Dancers: Trouble in Paradise

How to keep your career on track when your company is suffering Rumors are flying that my ballet company is having serious money problems. I couldn’t believe it because we have a loyal audience and the house is packed on tour. Then our director began casting mediocre dancers with rich sponsors in the best parts, while ignoring those ofMore »