April 2013

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  • wendy perron views headshot

    Curtain Up

    It’s hard to wrap your mind around the many forms of Wayne McGregor’s brilliance. His work with Wayne McGregor/Random ... More »

  • SFB_Borderlands

    Wayne McGregor

    Bold, fierce, and fresh, the choreographer challenges dancers and audiences alike. From left: Sofiane Sylve, Frances Chung, Koto Ishihara, ... More »

  • Exit_Disclaimer

    Word Play

    Choreographers who combine dance and text discuss their unique set of dilemmas. Carrie Hanson Artistic director, The Seldoms, Chicago     ... More »

  • terribletulle

    Terrible Tulle

    Battling tutu terrors from the male point of view The tutu. The distorter of placement, the chafer of necks, ... More »


    Why I Choreograph: Douglas Dunn

    A restless fixture in downtown New York for more than four decades, Douglas Dunn is known for his iconoclastic, ... More »