July 2012

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  • wendy perron views headshot

    Curtain Up

    Each of us has a unique body. Some things come naturally while other things are difficult. Training helps us ... More »

  • Du 21 septembre au 2 octobre 2011
Marie-AgnËs Gillot (PhËdre)

    The Bold & The Beautiful

    Marie-Agnès Gillot carves her own path as a Paris Opéra Ballet étoile.     Gillot in Phèdre by Serge ... More »

  • Listen_Payne

    Listening to Your Body

    Five dancers’ decade-by-decade approach to dancing health   For a young dancer, it’s easy to live only in the ... More »

  • Wrong_Stretch

    What Are They Doing Wrong?

    Physical therapists talk about the common mistakes dancers make.   Static stretching before an activity decreases strength and power. ... More »

  • Amy_Oneal

    Why I Choreograph: Amy O’Neal

    Amy O’Neal’s company may be called AmyO/tinyrage, but there is nothing tiny about her explosive hybrid of modern, ballet, ... More »