Meet Our March Cover Star: Tricia Miranda

Her YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers. MTV has hired her to produce and star in her own reality show, “Going Off.” More than a hundred and fifty eager dancers will line up just to get into one of her classes.  But why is everyone so obsessed with Tricia Miranda? The 37-year-old baggy-pants-wearing, giant-hoop-earrings-loving choreographer fromMore »

Lumberjacks, Beavers and Raccoons: Inside NBoC’s New Pinocchio

What makes a ballet truly Canadian? Sprinkle in a some lumberjacks, says Will Tuckett. That’s just one of the many details we’re loving about the brand-new production of Pinocchio that the British choreographer is creating at the National Ballet of Canada. Though it doesn’t open until March 11, the company has offered several glimpses into the creative process with an ongoing video series.More »

Forsythe’s Artifact—Then and Now: “It Makes You Think For Days”

Kathryn Bennetts credits William Forsythe’s Artifact with changing her life. “I’ve heard a lot of people say that—the piece is just a monster in its importance,” she says during a break in rehearsals at Boston Ballet, where she and Noah Gelber are staging the full-length work for what will be its North American company premiereMore »

Are Story Ballets the Only Way To Build New Audiences?

Everyone in the ballet world knows that the classic, full-length stories are typically the easiest sells at the box office. But does that mean the only way to build your audience is by grabbing people through more Nutcrackers and Swan Lakes, and hoping they’ll stick around for less conventional rep later in the season? Not necessarily, according toMore »

Can Dance Training Cause Psychological Harm?

Any dancer could tell you that spending hours in front of a mirror being corrected every day will affect you psychologically. Sure, it can create incredible discipline and inner strength. But dancers are also known to be susceptible to issues like perfectionism and eating disorders. Now, a new study out of Portugal shows that dance training—particularly in ballet—might be associatedMore »

Live From Your Laptop: Crystal Pite and The Royal Ballet

Across the pond in London, dancers at The Royal Ballet are busy gearing up for an exciting new debut. For the first time ever, edgy and theatrical contemporary choreographer Crystal Pite is creating a work on the company. (This season, she’s become even more of an “it girl,” gaining ground in the ballet world with a premiere at the ParisMore »

Paloma Herrera Named Director of Teatro Colón’s Ballet Company

Argentine newspaper La Nación just reported this morning that Paloma Herrera has been named director of the ballet company at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. It’s an exciting homecoming for Herrera. The Buenos Aires native trained at Colón’s school before moving to New York as a teenage prodigy and, at 19, becoming American Ballet Theatre’s youngest principal in its history. She retired from theMore »

Ohad Says: The 7 Best Quotes from the Mr. Gaga Film

The new documentary, Mr. Gaga, portrays the life and work of Ohad Naharin, director of Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company and one of the most influential choreographers of our time. The film, directed by Tomer Heymann and produced by his brother Barak, is full of humor, pathos and swatches of startling choreography. Brilliantly edited to reveal connections between family andMore »

You’re One Video Away from Performing at Jacob’s Pillow This Summer

Attention aspiring choreographers! If you missed the deadline to apply for the Inside/Out Performance Series at Jacob’s Pillow, fear not: You’ve got one more shot at showing your work on that iconic outdoor stage this summer. The Pillow has just announced the Chance to Dance viewers’ choice contest, putting the final selections of this summer’s series into theMore »