Pump It Up

After dancing all day, all you wanna do is collapse on the couch. Hours of classes and rehearsals are more than enough exercise, right? Well … with all the stopping and starting you never really get in any aerobic fitness, which you’re gonna need if you want the stamina to perform 20-minute pieces. Ailey’s P.T.More »

More tees please!

The perfect T-shirt is one to wear again and again. It has to be pretty, comfortable and durable. When DM stumbled across the “Positions of the Feet” T-shirt ($24) from Technique Wear our collective hearts skipped some beats. The pink and brown long-sleeved jersey top is perfect for cool summer nights, warming up before class,More »

Two for One, $2 Open Floor, and More!

Full-time students can get tickets for only $5 to "Unearthing Sleeping Beasts" at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood July 6! It stars two of DM’s "25 to Watch,” Maria Gillespie and Holly Johnston. Just bring a valid student ID…At next month’s Lincoln Center Festival in New York, you can get into three first-night performances withMore »

Starting to Say Good-bye to Ferri

I was so choked up that I couldn’t bravo or whoop. Alessandra Ferri had just done Macmillan’s Manon with Roberto Bolle. She had transformed from powerful to passionate to pathetic. A feast for the eyes and the heart. This is what you go to see ballet for: the possibility of being utterly transported. When youMore »

25 To Watch

Dawn Fay Ballet Memphis doesn’t rank its dancers in the typical hierarchical sense. However, if there were a scale, Dawn Fay would undoubtedly land on top as the company’s prima. Watching Fay dance is a bit like listening to Melissa Etheridge sing rock or Diana Krall jazz: She is soulful, insightful, a powerhouse of strength.More »

Whoa! Whiteness in Dance?

By Brenda Dixon Gottschild In our nation, black, white, and brown peoples inherit a mixed, shared culture. This is what makes the U.S.A. what it is. Each generation seeks new ways of dealing with old problems. American race relations in the new century are not the same as they were 100 years ago, and newMore »