Got Stage Fright? There’s an Online Juilliard Course for That

Your pulse is racing. Your mouth feels dry. You can’t stop sweating even though you feel cold. But what’s most worrying is that you can’t stop your hands and knees from trembling, even though you’re only moments away from stepping on stage. Performance anxiety can sabotage even the most talented dancers. Studies suggest that at least 50 percent of all performing artists—regardlessMore »

Juilliard Meets Westboro Baptist Church with “Amazing Grace”

One of the most valuable skills a performing artist learns is poise. The ability to handle themselves gracefully and confidently in difficult situations. That’s just how some students from The Juilliard School reacted earlier today when protestors from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church visited their campus. The students and their supporters were met with abhorrent signs, homophobic slurs and anti-SemiticMore »

The 100 Best Performing Arts Programs: Who Made the Cut?

When I was in high school, I visited the college counselor’s office with other students to talk about what we wanted to major in. One by one, she asked us about our plans. “Teaching? Great, here’s a list of top programs nearby.” “Engineering? Fantastic, check out these resources.” “Dance?” Cue, the chirping crickets. (Thankfully, my dance teacherMore »