Audition Opportunities

Please send audition opportunities to PDX Contemporary Ballet is seeking male and female dancers for their 2017-2018 season. Both in person and online/video submissions are being accepted. Dancers must have strong ballet and contemporary technique. Pointe work is required for females.  All out of state dancers please email BEFORE completing registration! In Person AuditionMore »

Don’t Get Cut

Directors share their biggest audition pet peeves Ashley Wheater Artistic director, Joffrey Ballet Letting your eyes wander “If you are constantly keeping your eyes on the director or the teacher for their approval, it means you’re not fully invested in your own work. Same with the mirror. There just isn’t a way to look in the mirrorMore »

7 Things Your Agent Wishes You Knew

Insider advice that can help you land more contracts If you’re not booking the jobs you want, don’t assume it’s a reflection of your talent. All too often, the most gifted performers get passed up for the ones who know how to work the industry better. Mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making could beMore »

2015 Auditions Guide: After the Fall

How the pros rise above audition mistakes Slips, trips, forgotten steps and (dare we say it?) falls—audition flubs can feel like the end of the world. But most choreographers don’t expect perfection in tryouts. In fact, the way you bounce back from a mistake shows them how well you perform under pressure—and in the professionalMore »

2015 Auditions Guide: Ramp-up to Audition Season

Tips for tweaking your aerobic and strength-training workouts After spending her first professional years with Royal New Zealand Ballet, North Carolina native Sara Havener was longing to dance closer to home. She moved back and sent resumés to as many American ballet companies as possible. Havener believes her consistent cross-training was key in helping herMore »

2015 Auditions Guide: “It’s Not Just: ‘You Dance Great.’ “

Choreographer Mark Morris in his own words on how his auditions work and what he looks for in dancers Morris at work in the studio. Photo by Rosalie O’Connor, Courtesy MMDG. When I put out a call that I’m having an audition, several hundred people show up. The dancers in my company teach groups of people the exact sameMore »

Making Workshops Work

Pre-audition workshops are becoming more prevalent than ever. But what do dancers actually get out of them?     Christian Denice and Rachel McNamee in Northwest Dance Project’s Launch Project. Photo by Christopher Peddecord, Courtesy NWDP.   A year after graduating from SUNY Purchase, Tiffany Rea-Fisher heard that Elisa Monte Dance was hosting a workshopMore »