From Studio to Summertime

Start planning your summer break now. Though summer offers a much-needed break for college dance students, it can also present a dilemma. After spending the rest of the year adhering to such a structured schedule, how do you best utilize three months of free time? With all the available options—from intensives to travel to performanceMore »

Dance Degrees, Rebooted

Colleges are rethinking how they prepare students for sustainable dance careers. Students sat in two long rows snaking through Jennifer Edwards’ classroom at Point Park University earlier this year as they prepared to pitch a new project: a multi-city tour by one of the world’s leading ballet companies in its American debut. The program would include anMore »

On Their Terms

Student-run companies allow dancers to take charge of their college experience. The purpose of student-led companies may seem obvious: to give college dancers the opportunity to perform with one another, and, in many cases, the chance to choreograph. But they also provide students with a community unbounded by the classroom, help them to develop leadershipMore »

Ladies First

Women’s colleges foster female leadership and empowerment. On the surface, the offerings at women’s colleges are similar to those of other small liberal arts colleges. But Lynn Garafola, co-chair of the dance department at Barnard College, notes the intimate settings are tailored to meet the specific needs of women. These dance departments view the fieldMore »

Dance to Give Back

College programs dive into outreach. College is a time to explore not only your own dance journey, but how the form fits into the outside world. Through outreach programs, students venture off campus and bring dance to their local communities, while honing their skills in teaching and performing. “Interacting with students through Q&As gave usMore »

A Modern Master

College students tackle William Forsythe’s technique and rep. Widely regarded as one of the most inventive choreographers of our time, William Forsythe creates movement that dancers long to perform. “It is extremely beneficial for young dancers to be exposed to his techniques, which have globally influenced late 20th-century and current approaches to dance,” says JillMore »

Tomorrow’s Teachers

Three programs for dance educators in the making Teaching dance is an art of its own, requiring a skill set that you can’t get from a typical dance performance BFA program. But some colleges offer the chance to study pedagogy in-depth through courses, workshops and internships, while still providing ample opportunities to develop your technicalMore »