Free and Open

María Riccetto’s second chapter In a way, María Riccetto has had not one but two ballet careers. The first was as a hard-working soloist at American Ballet Theatre, the kind of dancer described, admiringly, by colleagues and critics as dependable, strong, consistent. And then, since 2012, as a prima ballerina at the Ballet Nacional SodreMore »

Why I Dance: Isabella Boylston

Principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre A ballerina is many things. She’s a musician, athlete, actor, conjurer, muse and scientist—experimenting and discovering how a slight change of timing, placement or emotional inflection can alter the outcome of a step. Because of the complexity of our work, I find it endlessly fulfilling. I think the firstMore »

On the Rise: Maria Baranova

As a long-limbed powerhouse, yet soulful soubrette, Maria Baranova defies “type.” At 16, she signed her first contract with Hamburg Ballet. At 19, she became a principal at Finnish National Ballet. This season, with a persistent glimmer still in her eyes, she has joined Boston Ballet as a soloist, where she’s eager to test theMore »

Top Artists Confess Their Guiltiest Pleasures

Dance studios and world-renowned theaters are sometimes characterized as “ivory towers,” where serious artists do serious work, far away from the hoi polloi. Even within the field, certain dance figures and pieces can suddenly fall out of fashion. Nevertheless, we found 11 professionals willing to defend their guilty pleasures and pop-cultural obsessions—on the record.  More »

The Glamorous Life

Les Child puts fashion in motion. One morning in 2011, London-based choreographer Leslie John Bryant, known professionally as Les Child, awoke without any plans; he showered, shaved and was about to run errands when he got an emergency call from his agent. Fashion designer Miuccia Prada was arranging 45 models for a runway show, andMore »

On the Rise: Ariana DeBose

Not many dancers have a stage presence strong enough to earn its own Twitter hashtag. But Ariana DeBose has reached that level. In the ensemble of Broadway’s Hamilton, she embodies the bullet in the show’s climactic duel scene—a moment she’s become so well-known for that it’s simply called #thebullet. Even when she’s playing more humanMore »

The Ballerina and the Clown

In the studio with Tiler Peck and Bill Irwin.   New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck is working through a tap combination—in pointe shoes and a gray bowler hat. Nearby in the same New York City Center studio, the comedian and actor Bill Irwin goes over a note with Damian Woetzel, then rejoins PeckMore »