Master the Convention Class

Whether you’re attending your first convention or your 20th, spending a weekend in a crowded ballroom with hundreds of other dancers can be equal parts exciting, intimidating and overwhelming. Conventions are a chance to learn new styles, take classes from top teachers and network with the people who may someday hire you. So how doMore »

Can You Win Without Tricks?

Many artists bemoan the emphasis on extreme technique at competitions. But do dancers need technical bravado to place? Dancers today are capable of more than ever in the way of turns, leaps and acrobatic feats. Nowhere is this more evident than at competitions, where it seems like the bar for virtuosity rises every year. Many peopleMore »

More Than A Solo

Use your coaching sessions to improve your overall technique. So often, a great competition soloist sweeps the awards for an outstanding work they’ve thoroughly mastered—but then falls apart when trying to learn anything else. How can you avoid a similar fate? By approaching your competition prep strategically so it can enhance your training. Dance a character outsideMore »

What Your Partner Wishes You Knew

Six common mistakes he may not be telling you about Partnering training is one of the most nuanced parts of dance education. And yet, so much of it is entirely focused on male students. Beyond the basic principles—like holding your core and avoiding slippery leotards—young women often have little direction other than performing steps they already knowMore »

Friends with the Floor

Four tips to help you master floorwork. As humans, we take pride in walking upright, on two legs. But as dancers, we need to feel equally comfortable off our feet, in that slippery space between standing up and lying down. Today, dancers of all kinds are expected to be fluent in the language of floorwork,More »

Big, Bad Habits

Five pros talk about how they have worked—and, in some cases, are still working—to overcome their biggest technical hurdles. Part of dance’s beauty is that its perfection is elusive. At the same time, this can be one of the most frustrating things about the form. Whether you’ve been cursed with tight muscles or have pickedMore »

Music in Motion

Student choreographers and musicians get collaborative. You might think only professional dancers and choreographers get to perform with a full orchestra, or commission scores for their compositions. But some college programs offer opportunities to work directly with music students, giving dance majors a chance to learn from artists outside their department. “We are moving intoMore »

A Man’s World

The female dancer’s guide to men’s technique class Throughout Ballet West’s Nutcracker, Sugar Plum Fairy Katie Critchlow is the epitome of feminine grace. Then, during the coda of the grand pas de deux, she unleashes a series of coupés jetés so impressive they would put any cavalier to shame. Critchlow credits her stunning grand allégroMore »