Tomorrow’s Teachers

Three programs for dance educators in the making Teaching dance is an art of its own, requiring a skill set that you can’t get from a typical dance performance BFA program. But some colleges offer the chance to study pedagogy in-depth through courses, workshops and internships, while still providing ample opportunities to develop your technicalMore »

At Your Fingertips

Online college programs work around your dance schedule. Interested in earning a college degree, but don’t want to put your career on hold? With the advent of online college programs, you can take courses towards—and even earn—a bachelor’s degree while performing professionally. During Boston Ballet’s season, Kathryn McDonald, who is pursuing a health science degreeMore »

In Training: Full of Spirit

Three top collegiate dance teams Becoming a dance major isn’t the only way to continue dancing in college. Dance teams offer jazz and hip-hop dancers an option that’s fun and social, but still demanding. The by-audition groups regularly perform at football and basketball games, do community outreach and compete with top dancers from across theMore »

In Training: To the Beat of the Drum

College students explore African dance.   What makes a well-rounded dancer? A strong base in ballet and modern comes to mind. But African dance, which has unique rhythmic structures and emphasizes use of the full body, can deepen your understanding of musicality and movement. Many college programs are prioritizing the study of the techniques, historyMore »