Training in Germany

The European dance hub is home to many affordable, innovative schools. Dance students from Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts in REFLEKTION. Photo by Jochen Klenk, Courtesy Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. It’s not often you see Vaganova-trained ballet students and contemporary dancers race through échappés together as the pianist improvises aMore »

The Company Connection

Dance departments run by choreographers with active companies   While many college programs provide good foundations for dancers hoping to work professionally, sometimes the leap from classwork to career can seem daunting. Some schools have created a natural bridge between the two by tapping choreographers who lead vibrant companies to head their dance departments. TheseMore »

Not Your Average Residency

Three colleges that have formed innovative partnerships with dance artists   Many colleges invite big-name choreographers or companies to spend time on campus, but a dance department residency can sometimes be a superficial affair: A troupe arrives, performs, gives a master class or two and leaves. While these visits are invaluable for the guest artists,More »

The Sounds of Silence

Exploring the challenges—and benefits—of dancing without music   Helen Pickett leads class at The School at Jacob’s Pillow. Photo by Christopher Duggan, Courtesy Jacob’s Pillow. A dozen women enter the stage slowly, walking backward, defending their bodies with stiffly angled arms. For a full two minutes they take their own paths across the floor, steppingMore »

In Training: Ballet Goes to College

Three top programs to consider     Most college dance programs offer ballet technique classes, and some schools even present classical rep. Few, however, offer the specialization and experience you’d receive as a company trainee. There are, of course, the conservatories like Juilliard or universities like Butler, Indiana and Utah that carry well-deserved reputations asMore »

The Contemporary Conundrum

An insider’s guide to contemporary solos at ballet competitions     Goyo Montero (of Staatstheater Nürnberg Ballett) coached competitors at this year’s Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland. Photo by Gregory Batardon, Courtesy Prix de Lausanne. When you begin working on a classical ballet variation for competition, you know what you’re getting into. You’ll need toMore »

Where Science and Dance Meet

Three college dance science programs to consider   Above: Studying dance science doesn’t always mean you’ll lose performance opportunities. Here, Goucher students perform in Pascal Rioult’s Wien. Photo by Jason Lee, Courtesy Goucher.   Dance science is one of the fastest-growing areas of interest for college dance majors, and one that doesn’t necessarily mean youMore »

At the Front of the Class

Teacher-training programs can benefit your career—now, and later.   After graduating from the School of American Ballet in 2012, Christina Ghiardi earned a spot in Boston Ballet II—as well as stints teaching for the school’s summer program and as a substitute teacher during the year. Flash-forward to today, and Ghiardi is a year-round, part-time facultyMore »