Make ‘Em Laugh

Get a serious lesson in creating humorous work. At one performance of David Parker’s Nut/Cracked in 2005, three-quarters of his audience walked out prematurely. But the same moment that caused the offense—a duet between two men with their thumbs in each other’s mouths—earned Parker hearty laughs from the remaining crowd, and eventually an enthusiastic standingMore »

Making His Own Rules

For Jonah Bokaer’s latest groundbreaking work, pop musician Pharrell Williams joins the choreographer’s list of high-profile collaborators. “The distance between what you intend and what you get—try to tighten it up,” Jonah Bokaer says quietly. It’s a very Bokaer-like way of asking for more precision as he aims for high-definition visual crispness in a seriesMore »

Lonely at the Top

Prodigies face unique challenges during training years and beyond. In most classic stories, we root for the underdog. Ballet is no exception. We love hearing about dancers overcoming impossible odds, about the ones with bad feet and zero turnout rising to the top, about stepdaughter Cinderella slipping on those glittering pointe shoes and outshining everyone at theMore »

Defying Tradition

Rocío Molina has forged a style of flamenco that can’t be defined. Ten years ago, dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina premiered her first full-length production, El Eterno Retorno, at the Jerez Festival for flamenco in Spain. She was just 21 years old. Four years later she was awarded the highest honor a Spanish dancer canMore »

Where Her Secret Lies

Ebony Williams has long been a chameleon of the dance world—a trait that’s helped her launch the second chapter of her career. Ebony Williams stands alone, strong and radiant in a pale leotard, facing a crowd of thousands. It’s the 2015 Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, and the audience of Beyoncé fans is awaitingMore »

What Makes a Principal?

Artistic directors reveal how they decide who gets the top promotion. There is one question at the ballet that might provoke more curiosity than any other: Who will be promoted to the rank of principal dancer? The answer is at times gratifying, and, at others, totally baffling. One dancer may rise quickly, while another waitsMore »

Master the Convention Class

Whether you’re attending your first convention or your 20th, spending a weekend in a crowded ballroom with hundreds of other dancers can be equal parts exciting, intimidating and overwhelming. Conventions are a chance to learn new styles, take classes from top teachers and network with the people who may someday hire you. So how doMore »