Statement-Making Style at Lucky Plush Productions

Meghann Wilkinson is not afraid to wear clothes that make a statement, literally. An electric blue, “Tofu saves lives” tank is the focal point of her outfit. She pairs the bold piece with a bright pink sports bra and a patterned wrap, creating a fun look that’s full of personality. Michel Rodriguez Cintra’s rehearsal lookMore »

Beyond Basics at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Principal Amanda Cochrane understands the art of layering. At the beginning of company class, her long, graceful sweater draped over loose dance pants and booties has a cozy yet elegant effect. She breaks up the all-black silhouette with a brightly patterned skirt. The focal point of soloist Hannah Carter’s look is her playful black romper, a fun statement piece thatMore »

Get the Look: Casual Confidence at Ballet Hispanico

Kimberly Van Woesik’s style is effortlessly cool. She balances loose layers, like a gray crop top and a comfy sweatshirt wrapped around her waist, with skintight leggings that have just a hint of texture. Her neon-pink sports bra stands out against the charcoal palette. At first glance, Melissa Fernandez seems to stick to functional andMore »