What It Takes to Create a Choreographer

Dance organizations throughout the country are working to build better laboratories for tomorrow’s dancemakers. Tommie-Waheed Evans was having a fairly typical Thursday. Having recently earned his master’s degree in choreography, he was preparing to teach two dance classes and a senior seminar at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Not so typical for a newly graduated,More »

Grin and Bear It

Katie Gibson remembers a particularly trying time from her early days in a ballet company: “We were rehearsing a story ballet exploring the history of America’s addictions,” says Gibson, who has most recently performed with The Suzanne Farrell Ballet and Ballet NY. “I was cast in the ’80s section, dancing the mambo and miming doingMore »

Make ‘Em Laugh

Get a serious lesson in creating humorous work. At one performance of David Parker’s Nut/Cracked in 2005, three-quarters of his audience walked out prematurely. But the same moment that caused the offense—a duet between two men with their thumbs in each other’s mouths—earned Parker hearty laughs from the remaining crowd, and eventually an enthusiastic standingMore »

On Their Own Terms

Dancers take control by commissioning their own choreography. As a prominent New York City Ballet dancer, Wendy Whelan worked closely with leading choreographers who created original ballets inspired by her long lines and kinetic intelligence. The Kentucky-born ballerina loved the feeling of being “tapped into” as a source of inspiration. To ensure she could reliveMore »