On Their Own Terms

Dancers take control by commissioning their own choreography. As a prominent New York City Ballet dancer, Wendy Whelan worked closely with leading choreographers who created original ballets inspired by her long lines and kinetic intelligence. The Kentucky-born ballerina loved the feeling of being “tapped into” as a source of inspiration. To ensure she could reliveMore »

Breaking Bad Biases

Six ways women can fight sexism in the studio. Whether you’re getting paid less than your male counterparts to guest or you’re seeing more creative opportunities go to the guys, what can women do when they’re being treated unfairly in the studio? Talk About Your Goals The fact that men are more coveted in dance doesn’tMore »

When “Diversity” Isn’t Enough

Handling discrimination within ballet companies Not too long ago Kiara Felder, a dancer with Atlanta Ballet, got a haircut and was surprised by a choreographer’s reaction to it. “I was told my hair looked messy and I needed to do something different with it,” remembers Felder, who is the only African-American female dancer in theMore »