Breaking Bad Biases

Six ways women can fight sexism in the studio. Whether you’re getting paid less than your male counterparts to guest or you’re seeing more creative opportunities go to the guys, what can women do when they’re being treated unfairly in the studio? Talk About Your Goals The fact that men are more coveted in dance doesn’tMore »

When “Diversity” Isn’t Enough

Handling discrimination within ballet companies Not too long ago Kiara Felder, a dancer with Atlanta Ballet, got a haircut and was surprised by a choreographer’s reaction to it. “I was told my hair looked messy and I needed to do something different with it,” remembers Felder, who is the only African-American female dancer in theMore »

Lights, Camera, Action

Making the shift from the concert dance world to the commercial industry? Here’s what you need to know. When Ebony Williams goes grocery shopping, people often stop her. “Do the ‘Single Ladies’ dance!” they beg. Seven years after Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video debuted, Williams—one of just two backup dancers in the video—still gets called outMore »

Are We Done Crowdfunding?

Why dance companies have started looking beyond Kickstarter. Last year CHOP SHOP: Bodies of Work, a contemporary dance festival in the Seattle area run by Eva Stone, ran into a severe funding issue. After seven years of grants from a local arts organization, a bureaucratic snafu disqualified the event from receiving the money Stone hadMore »

The Resourceful Apprentice

Make the most of this career-defining transition. When Sarasota Ballet corps member Caroline Hennekes started her apprenticeship in 2014, it was a big shock. “Being in an adult world makes you grow up fast,” she says. An apprenticeship can be one of the hardest years of your career—as Hennekes learned, proving that you have theMore »