Self-Produce to Self-Satisfy

The growing trend towards self-production allows artists to take the reins. Breton Tyner-Bryan remembers the day she became dissatisfied with her longtime San Francisco gig. Despite respecting the dancers she  worked with, she thought, “I can’t walk down this hallway anymore,” she says. “But, if you’re complaining about the situation or you’re not seeing work you’re drawnMore »

State of the Union

How dancers’ unions are faring in the current economy Once considered the keystone of the American middle class, unions in the United States have been losing membership recently. Traditionally-unionized industries have become a reduced sector of the nation’s workforce, and state governments have limited union power. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unionMore »

Your Career: Should You Start a Company?

How choreographers decide Jessica Lang succeeded as an independent choreographer for 15 years, creating many works on ballet troupes such as Joffrey Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. But she began to wonder how the benefits of having a company would change the quality of her dances. “I wanted to know what it would be like toMore »

Get Funded

DIY grant-writing advice for your next project Grant writing can be both intimidating and empowering, tiresome and exhilarating, especially if you are new to the process. I found this true when I started my first grant proposal 15 years ago for Richmond-based Ground Zero Dance, and it’s still true for me today. Yet grants areMore »

Money Talks

How to have successful conversations about pay A few months ago, freelance ballet and contemporary dancer Eliza Sherlock-Lewis was hired for a brief project: one week of rehearsals culminating in two paid performances. A couple days in, she asked a fellow dancer if the director mentioned how much they would receive. “My friend said, ‘No,More »