Michelle Dorrance Took Over the Guggenheim Rotunda, And It Was Genius

Michelle Dorrance isn’t a MacArthur-certified “Genius” for nothing. Last night at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, she premiered the first ever Works & Process Rotunda Project, a brand new initiative announced last summer that commissions site-specific work specifically for the Guggenheim’s iconic Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Rotunda. (Next up: Daniil Simkin.) Dorrance’s project, in collaboration with fellowMore »

What It’s Like to Play Your Hero Off-Broadway Eight Times a Week

What is it like to bring one of your heroes to life on stage? That’s what Robert Creighton experiences eight times a week as the star of Cagney, the off-Broadway musical currently playing at the Westside Theatre. Creighton conceived and co-wrote the show, which tells the story of James Cagney, from his humble beginnings onMore »

Watch Tapper Sarah Reich’s Latest Collab With Postmodern Jukebox

What’s one way to drum up interest in tap dancing? Team up with an uber-popular band whose YouTube channel racks up views by the millions, and whose videos are no stranger to Facebook feeds of many non-dancers. That’s just what tapper Sarah Reich did for her latest collaboration with Postmodern Jukebox. The band has made a nameMore »

ABT Studio Company & Royal Ballet School Students Rehearse a World Premiere

“Maybe a fouetté was lost somewhere over the Atlantic?” Sascha Radetsky joked as a member of ABT’s Studio Company and a Royal Ballet School graduate student conferred over a step. This week, pre-professionals from both institutions were participating in an annual exchange program. We dropped in on a rehearsal for a world premiere by Royal Ballet ArtistMore »

Isabella Boylston’s Bosu Routine is Insane

In our February cover story on Isabella Boylston, we praise the many qualities that make her a captivating performer: her boldness, her rock-solid technique, her spontaneity, her ideal facility. But we didn’t realize that she’s also superhuman. Though dancers often post impressive workout videos on Instagram, Boylston’s Bosu ball routine takes the cake. In caseMore »

Forget Self-Doubt: NYCB’s Abi Stafford on Silencing Inner Critics

When I was 9, my ballet teacher chose me to perform a solo in our end-of-year performance. I was quite young, and was chosen over many of the advanced students. But I wasn’t fazed—I was excited. Then, I overheard some of the older girls talking: “Abi shouldn’t be doing that solo.” “I can’t believe she’sMore »

What It’s Like to Dance All Night

What does it feel like to dance an all-night marathon of performances? Five dancers recently found out during Trisha Brown: In Plain Site, part of “A Night of Philosophy and Ideas” at the Brooklyn Public Library. The festival of screenings, debate and performances took place in over 30 cities around the globe, with the Brooklyn edition lasting from 7 pm on JanuaryMore »