Sorry Dancers, But We Love When You Get Stuck in Airports

Getting stuck at the airport is the worst, but we’re not gonna lie: When it happens to dance companies and they make videos of themselves dancing through their flight delays, it’s kind of our favorite thing. Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Ingrid Silva took to Instagram last night to document what happened when the company got stuck at the airport on their way home from sharingMore »

We’re Celebrating National Puppy Day with These Dancers’ Dogs

If you need some extra motivation to make it through the end of the week, take comfort in knowing that today is perhaps the best of unofficial holidays: It’s National Puppy Day. For your viewing pleasure (and daily dose of cuteness), we present a few of the impossibly adorable dogs whose parents are professional dancers. 1. Meet Frida Kahlo, theMore »

Should Artists Respond to Reviews?

We all know the internet has overhauled traditional dance criticism, giving anyone with an opinion and a wifi connection the ability to share their thoughts, no matter how informed—or not—those thoughts might be. But should those who take part in a ballet have their say as well? Last week, writer Hanna Weibye reviewed a Royal Ballet triple bill onMore »

Tricia Miranda’s New Video is the Ultimate #Monday Motivation

Have we mentioned that we’re obsessed with our March cover star Tricia Miranda? If you’re not already head-over-heels for the hip-hop choreographer/soon to be MTV star, odds are you will be after seeing her latest video, set to Jason Derulo’s “Swalla” with choreography by Miranda and Ashanti Ledon. It features several of her students at one ofMore »

How to Save the NEA

Since January, we’ve been tracking the possibility that the U.S. government may reduce funding for or completely eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts from the federal budget. Earlier today, President Trump released the proposed budget for the 2018 fiscal year, and needless to say, we’re feeling frustrated. The drafted budget cuts the NEA, along withMore »

Meet Your New Favorite Foam Rollers

Dancers are well-known hoarders when it comes to massage balls and foam rollers. But how could we not be when there are so many great new options constantly coming out?   I’ve recently become obsessed with these three new options: Hyperice’s Vyper Vibrating Roller  At first, the intensity of all the motion under my hamstring felt almost unsettling. (When I letMore »

Meet RubberLegz, A German Dancer with A Style All His Own

Rauf Yasit, aka “RubberLegz,” has a style that defies categorization. He calls it “a mix of flexibility, yoga, contemporary dance and breaking.” And we call it jaw-dropping. Known for contorting his body into seemingly impossible shapes, the German dancer has worked with choreographers like William Forsythe, been a finalist on Switzerland’s Got Talent and traveledMore »