We’re Spellbound by this Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui/Woodkid Collaboration

What do you get when you add Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui‘s choreography, Woodkid’s music and Drew Jacoby‘s legs? A nearly seven-minute video that is as hypnotic as it is envy-inducing. Cherkaoui recruited Jacoby and fellow Royal Ballet of Flanders dancer Matt Foley to perform in “I Will Fall For You,” using movement from his 2015 work Fall to respondMore »

Who’s the Better Dancer: Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone? Mandy Moore Spills.

If you’ve seen the smash sensation La La Land, then you’ve seen the work of choreographer Mandy Moore. She is the brains behind the dance scenes in the Oscar-nominated film, as well as a choreographer on TV and film sets like “Dancing with the Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” Silver Linings Playbook and more. WhenMore »

4 Tech Tools That Could Transform the Dance World

It’s 2017, and by now we’ve seen a digital revolution in most art forms: our paperbacks are pixilated; we download songs by the dozen; TV shows come in streaming segments of binge-watching awesomeness. But until very recently, dance has remained a kind of analog anomaly. Today, however, digital cameras the size of an acorn fit inside a ballerina’sMore »

#TBT: We’re Obsessed With These Original West Side Story Gifs

Prepare for the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday treat. The New York Public Library—which holds countless images capturing moments of dance history—recently digitized over one thousand previously-unseen shots documenting the original 1957 Broadway production of West Side Story. Curator Doug Reside had the brilliant idea to string together sequential images from a negative strip, and the resulting gifs feelMore »

How to Deal With Your Own Stage Mom

The term “stage parent” carries some seriously bad energy in the dance world. We think of parents aggressively fighting for their children to get cast first, perform more and constantly be in the front of the studio. A stage mom or dad can become so involved in their child’s career that they develop a symbiotic state of nervousness and desire for perfection in everyMore »

Video: Find Out the Secret of Ratmansky’s Muse

Where does master ballet choreographer Alexei Ratmansky get his inspiration from? In a fascinating conversation with writer Hanna Rubin in Dance Magazine‘s March issue, he spoke about what drew him to create his two latest ballets: The Fairy’s Kiss, which recently premiered at Miami City Ballet, and Whipped Cream, which American Ballet Theatre debuts next month in California.More »