Technique My Way: Katherine Fisher

Improving stamina in body and mind   In a rehearsal for Einstein on the Beach in Brooklyn, New York, Katherine Fisher, a sprightly and exacting dancer, crisply moves through Lucinda Childs’ Field Dance 2. At 5′ 3″, her cropped, shockingly blonde hair tousled and dripping with sweat, she jumps, pivots, turns, and battements, in lockstepMore »

Your Body: A Deadly Allure

Cocaine still haunts the dance world.     Despite high-profile dance memoirs warning about the dangers of drugs like cocaine, drug abuse remains a recurring problem in the dance world. Only a year ago, the Royal Danish Ballet fielded widespread reports in the national press of cocaine abuse among company members. While most dancers don’tMore »

Technique My Way: Maria Chapman

For this PNB principal, injury led the way to better health and a fuller awareness of her body.   Maria Chapman explodes across the stage—her legs stretching into three long jetés, one right after another. She powers through her solo in David Dawson’s  A Million Kisses to my Skin, giving the extreme extensions and torsoMore »

Your Body: Weight Shift

Traditional kettlebells can build core strength.     Amy O’Neal detonates across the stage. Because her choreography requires fearless momentum, O’Neal, a Seattle dancemaker (see “Why I Choreograph”), trains three times a week with kettlebells, an old-school weight system. Since she began, she has seen a reduction in pain and overuse injuries, while her dancingMore »

Technique My Way: Michael Trusnovec

This stellar Taylor dancer tunes in to what his body is telling him.   At the Paul Taylor Dance Company’s first spring season at Lincoln Center, Michael Trusnovec, a company veteran of 14 years, shone as brightly as ever. In Taylor’s new Gossamer Gallants, a humorous exploration of insect behavior, Trusnovec’s whimsy made the audienceMore »