Should Dancers Lift Weights?

Don’t fall for these all-too-common strength-training myths.  During his dancing days, Jared Kaplan used to look down on strength training. “I was a snobby dancer,” he says. “I thought, Why would I need to lift weights?” Then Kaplan, 6′ 2″, was cast in a role originated by a shorter dancer, and realized he needed more powerMore »

Guilty Pleasures

Most dancers’ meals are filled with healthy food choices. But splurges are also part of a well-balanced diet—and life. Danny Gardner Broadway performer and member of physical comedy troupe Parallel Exit Typical meals: Eggs and yogurt in the morning; a salad or sandwich for lunch; chicken, veggies and couscous for dinner. Splurges: Pad Thai or Domino’sMore »

Working Out With Stella Abrera

In her first season as a principal at American Ballet Theatre, Stella Abrera experienced a kind of exhaustion she’d never known before. “For 14 years, I got used to gearing up to do one pas de deux or one solo, and I would usually feel fresh beforehand,” says 38-year-old Abrera, who was promoted in 2015.More »

When Experts Cringe

Dancers today are smarter about their bodies than ever before. The field of dance medicine, led by organizations such as the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, founded in 1990, and Performing Arts Medicine Association, founded in 1989, has revolutionized our approach to dancer health. It’s become commonplace for major companies and schools to offerMore »

Working Out With Anaïs Chalendard

This Boston Ballet principal doesn’t let scoliosis hold her back. Ballet and scoliosis might seem incompatible. But Boston Ballet principal Anaïs Chalendard, who was diagnosed with severe scoliosis at age 14, says this is a misconception: “Quality strength comes from ballet,” she argues. “The doctors were so amazed at the way ballet was such aMore »

Rehearsal Fuel

Three pros share their snacking strategies. Class, rehearsal, more rehearsal, performance: Professional dancers rarely stop moving. To make it through, breakfast, lunch and dinner often aren’t enough. Strategic snacking can help to keep your energy high, your mind sharp and your body responsive. Penny Saunders Dancer and choreographer, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Must-haves: “I’m notoriousMore »