Working Out With Kimberly Van Woesik

The Ballet Hispanico dancer teaches one of NYC’s trendiest fitness classes. Kimberly Van Woesik used to be a dedicated gym enthusiast, visiting regularly. But while weight lifting and cardio gave her extra stamina and definition, they didn’t produce any major changes in her technique. Then a year ago, a friend recommended SLT, the New YorkMore »

Working Out With Arolyn Williams

The Ballet West principal pushes her limits outdoors. After spending so much of her day in the studio, Ballet West principal Arolyn Williams prefers to head outside once it’s time to cross-train: “There’s just something about having the wind in your face, watching the light change—it fills you up in a way that a gymMore »

Your Body Tips

Don’t Be Afraid of a Break Once your winter season ends, take some time off to rest and recharge—you won’t lose all the hard-earned fitness you’ve gained. Exercise increases the number of nuclei in muscle cells, and that number remains elevated even when you spend a few weeks on the couch. Because those nuclei areMore »

Breakfast of Champions

What your favorite dancers reach for each morning. Victoria Jaiani Joffrey Ballet Breakfast Philosophy: “Mornings have always been important to me. I can remember watching my mom busy in the kitchen, talking about how it would be a great day because we were sitting down together and eating good food. It’s a tradition, but it’sMore »

Higher Extensions, Lower Risk

Is there a safe way to get the extreme flexibility needed for a professional dance career? Working on your flexibility can be frustrating. The popular rhetoric about gentle, gradual stretching doesn’t seem to match what’s required to make it in this career. Being overly cautious will do little more than maintain the flexibility you alreadyMore »