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Time Out for Desmond

Something wonderful happened on So You Think You Can Dance last night. The show had two new dances genres (this isn’t the wonderful part): the two-step and the “pas de deux.”  Well it wasn’t a classical ballet pas de deux; it was choreographed and taught to the couple by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson.After the […]

The Plight of the Adjunct: When Will Colleges Truly Value the Working Artists Who Teach Their Students?

Before March 2020, my relationship to teaching within higher education was as a part-time freelancer. Mostly, I held master classes, creative exchanges, intensive workshops or the very occasional “technique” class. I never thought of myself as a teacher as much as someone who was excited to share information and experience, and then witness its transformation […]

2019-2020 Competition & Convention Guide

COMPETITIONS Act 1 Talent Director: Katie Rustowicz 909-360-3455 [email protected] Age Divisions: Preview (Beginner), First Act (Intermediate), Second Act (Advanced), Spotlight (Dancers w/Disabilities): Minis (5 & Under), Petite (6–8), Juniors (9–11), Teens (12–14), Seniors (15–18), Adult (19) Top 5 Tour Cities: Redondo Beach, CA; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Indianapolis, IN; Minneapolis, MN American Ballet Competition […]

Complexions Presents “Black is Beautiful”

In response to a national reckoning with racial injustice, Complexions Contemporary Ballet makes a powerful contribution to the conversation with its film “Black is Beautiful.” The company’s artistic directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson choreographed movement to a spoken word piece by poets Terrell Lewis, Aicha Therese, Mr. Reed and Poetess Jess. An introduction prefacing […]

For Ailey Dancer Yannick Lebrun, It's All About the Music

Yannick Lebrun is obsessed with music. “I listen to all kinds—world music, gospel, R&B, reggae, Caribbean, African. There’s so much on my playlist,” says the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company member. Lebrun relies on different playlists before each performance to boost his energy or help him get into the mood of the piece. “Also, […]

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