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Lil Buck’s “Nobody Knows”

In Lil Buck‘s new film “Nobody Knows,” the Memphis jookin’ star absorbs both the beat and the lyrics of that famous gospel song straight into his body. Not only showing off the impressive footwork and liquid arm waves we’ve come to expect from Buck, his deeply soulful performance captures his struggle as a Black man […]

How Memphis Jookin Dancer Lil Buck Made His Hometown Dance Scene Go Viral

When Michael Jackson turned into a bunny in the “Speed Demon” video—that’s what did it for me. My older sister and I spent hours watching his tapes, trying to learn the choreography. I was 10 years old, growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, and whenever the music came on, I was moving. I remember the first […]

The Most Influential People in Dance Today: Lil Buck

If household-name status can be measured by Super Bowl cameos, Lil Buck has definitively earned the title. Along with high-profile ads for companies like Apple and Lexus, the Memphis jooker has also worked with concert dancers of all genres at the Vail Dance Festival, pushing the limits of where street forms can go. Read the […]

Watch Lil Buck Jook His Way Through a Museum

Today we’re all taking a field trip to Paris to visit the Icons Of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection exhibit at the Foundation Louis Vuitton. Lil Buck will be your tour guide. First you’ll float down a hallway and up an escalator before admiring some paintings by Matisse. Later you’ll pause near a Picasso to watch a solo by the […]

WATCH: Lil Buck & Jon Boogz Will Blow Your Mind in this Haunting Video

Sound bites from news coverage of the horrific shootings that have shaken the U.S. in past months play over a two-dimensional, impressionist image: two men, sitting on a couch watching television (think Van Gogh, but if he were painting in the 21st century). As the camera pans closer to the men’s faces, they become recognizable: […]

Sparks Fly Between Jared Grimes and Lil Buck

The latest example of dance fusion took place last weekend at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Two stars from different firmaments of the dance world collided: tapper Jared Grimes and Memphis jooker Charles “Lil Buck” Riley. The evening, called “Spaces,” was led by Wynton Marsalis, artistic director of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. A still […]