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Andy Blankenbuehler Opens Up About Only Gold and the Road Ahead

This story begins with a photo of a preposterous necklace, five strands of nearly 3,000 diamonds, one of them the size of a golf ball, alongside a small article about its owner. Some dozen years after seeing it while thumbing through a magazine on an airplane, Andy Blankenbuehler brought a long-cherished­ project, a stunning dance musical called Only Gold, to off-Broadway’s MCC Theater for a two-month run last fall.

Celebrating Dance Magazine Award Honoree Andy Blankenbuehler

This week we’re sharing tributes to all of the 2021 Dance Magazine Award honorees. For tickets to our hybrid ceremony taking place December 6, visit Andy Blankenbuehler got into dance as a 3-year-old tapper in Cincinnati, but theatergoers don’t associate him with showstopping tap routines. Nor do they identify him with cheerleader formations, swing-dance […]

Andy Blankenbuehler Discovered Her in High School. Now She's in Hamilton

June 3, 2016, was a big day for Justice Moore: It was her 19th birthday, high school graduation and the day she found out she’d been cast in the ensemble of Hamilton‘s Chicago production. Her controlled, versatile approach to movement, honed on the competition circuit, has only brought her more opportunities since then. Last summer, […]

You'll Never Guess Which Ballet Legend is in Andy Blankenbuehler's New Musical

We’re willing to admit that Only Gold, a Broadway musical that Andy Blankenbuehler has had in the works since 2013, had somewhat slipped our mind. (In all fairness, Blankenbuehler got rather busy choreographing a moderately successful musical about American history, and then directing and choreographing Bandstand.) But after an Instagram post from New York City […]

The Most Influential People in Dance Today: Andy Blankenbuehler

Through his work on shows like In the Heights, Bandstand and the game-changing Hamilton, Andy Blankenbuehler is pushing Broadway choreography into new territory. He continually reveals dance’s ability to tell stories that matter to contemporary audiences, with movement that’s meticulously detailed yet seamlessly integrated into the show’s world. In his work, dance becomes not just […]

Andy Blankenbuehler Brings His Choreographic Talents to Bandstand

It doesn’t look like your great-grandfather’s jitterbug. Yes, the year is 1945, and yes, the setting is a jazz club. But these swing dancers are in the new musical Bandstand, directed and choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler. The number, “Nobody,” is a paean to determination—”You know who tells me, ‘Stop’? Nobody.” The choreography begins as metaphor […]

Another Broadway Opening for Andy Blankenbuehler

In 2008, Andy Blankenbuehler won the Tony for Best Choreography for his work on In the Heights. In 2012, when his show Bring It On was on Broadway, he appeared on the October cover of Dance Magazine. In 2016, he will inevitably win another Tony for Hamilton, and—as was announced earlier today—he will have another show opening on Broadway, […]

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