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Happy Birthday, Jiri Kylián!

Dancers throughout Europe—and the U.S.—are celebrating Jiri Kylián‘s 70th birthday this year, with reprisals of his ballets, special photo exhibits and film screenings. Of course, the biggest commemorations are happening in his hometown, The Hague, with a months-long “Celebrating Kylián!” program. Kylián created exactly 100 ballets in his 30-year career at Netherlands Dance Theater. But […]

10 Minutes With Jirí Kylián

At 69, Jirí Kylián is back in a leadership role in ballet. In 2009, he parted ways with Nederlands Dans Theater after 24 years as artistic director and another decade as resident choreographer; the company shelved his works entirely in 2014. The Czech luminary has since stopped making new pieces for the stage to focus […]

woman holding her head and neck in pain

Common Head and Neck Injuries Dancers Need to Take Seriously

While head and neck injuries are often associated with contact sports like football or ice hockey, they can also be a real problem for dancers. Falling out of a lift and hitting your head, getting kicked or elbowed in a crowded rehearsal, or bumping your head on a prop or scenery could lead to a concussion or serious neck injury.

male dancer performing a grand jete

Introducing Naazir Muhammad, Houston Ballet’s Rising Star

When Houston Ballet demi soloist Naazir Muhammad soared across the airspace in Balanchine’s “Diamonds” last season, the roar of the crowd nearly overwhelmed Tchai­kovsky’s lush score. His pristine technique and sheer stage charisma took the performance-starved audience by surprise.

Introducing Our 2020 “25 to Watch”

Breakout stars, paradigm shifters, game changers. Our annual list of the dancers, choreographers and companies that are on the verge of skyrocketing has a knack for illuminating where the dance world is headed. Here they are: the 25 up-and-coming artists we believe are ready to take our field by storm. Jayme Thornton Gabrielle Hamilton It’s […]

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