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Dr. Linda Hamilton’s Top Audition Tips

Auditions are coming up soon and I want to be mentally prepared to wow directors. Any tips? —Sasha, New York, NY You’re already ahead of the game by considering the mental aspects involved. For starters, be aware that tremors, muscle tension or short, choppy breaths are physical signs that you need to calm your mind. […]

Tips for Managing Dance-Related Stress from Dr. Linda Hamilton

    For years, Dance Magazine readers have turned to Dr. Linda Hamilton to provide guidance on all things dance in her monthly column “Advice for Dancers.” Here, in a video with excerpts from a recent lecture Hamilton gave at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City, she shares several columns’ worth of advice on how to manage […]

How to Return to the Stage After a Staph Infection

I’ve been struggling with a staph infection after an FHL repair for tendonitis. It took several months to treat the infection, and it’s left me with pain and stiffness. Will this ever go away? —JR, Hoboken, NJ I’m so sorry that you’ve had complications after surgery. While all surgical procedures have a chance of developing […]

So You're Hypermobile. Here's How Pilates Might Help

My hypermobility used to cause me a lot of trouble, but I’ve gained confidence and strength after reading about it in one of your columns. I now have a Pilates instructor who’s retraining my body and helping me dance in a consistent way. Thank you! —No Longer Anxious, Philadelphia, PA As you’ve discovered, addressing hypermobility […]

Where's Front? Tips for Not Getting Turned Around Onstage

I’m terrified of performing choreography that changes directions. I messed up last year when the stage lights caused me to become disoriented. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? I can perform the combination just fine in the studio with the mirror. —Scared, San Francisco, CA It’s never too late to learn […]

Can Studio Stress Affect Weight Loss?

After living on junk food during a long break, I finally set up a plan for healthy eating and aerobic exercise. I was feeling positive as I approached my target weight, but then I hit a hectic period of rehearsals and stopped losing. Now what? —Jordan, Stamford, CT A sudden onslaught of rehearsals can make […]