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Monica Bill Barnes on the Music that Fuels Her Creative Process

Monica Bill Barnes is one of the funniest choreographers working today. And though the style of physical humor she’s crafted with her frequent collaborator Anna Bass could elicit laughs even in dead silence, the pair’s antics are often supplemented with—or juxtaposed against—music choices that feel both unexpected and yet somehow perfectly fitting. It turns out […]

The Most Influential People in Dance Today: Monica Bill Barnes

When it feels like everything’s already been done, Monica Bill Barnes still pushes boundaries. Her hit collaboration with “This American Life” host Ira Glass mixed dance with radio-style storytelling, and her Happy Hour series embraced the idea of an office-party-meets-karaoke-meets-dance experience. And although plenty of choreographers are setting site-specific work in museums these days, Barnes […]

We Tried It: The Museum Workout With Monica Bill Barnes

I was doing jumping jacks in front of a sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning when a security guard’s face caught my eye. He was grinning from cheek to cheek. And his smile reminded me, Oh right, this isn’t normal. Instead, it was Monica Bill Barnes‘ latest experiment: The Museum Workout. For […]

The Humor and Hustle of Monica Bill Barnes

In sequined dresses and tennis shoes, Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass march up to the statue of Perseus with the Head of Medusa, and start doing jumping jacks to the sounds of ’70s music. From there, they lead a small cohort through a French Renaissance gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then to […]