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Rested and Restless, Natalia Osipova Is Ready to Get Back Onstage

Her wedding may have been postponed because of the pandemic, her busy performance schedule wiped clean. But Russian-born superstar ballerina Natalia Osipova, a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet since 2013, is now getting ready to return to the stage after a seven-month hiatus. She will be part of the company’s celebration performance, The Royal […]

What Makes David Hallberg and Natalia Osipova So Magical Together?

On the surface, intercontinental ballet stars David Hallberg and Natalia Osipova would seem to make unlikely partners. He’s an American paragon of elegant princeliness; she’s an explosive Russian powerhouse who seems to mock the laws of gravity. But since they first danced together in 2009, they’ve moved audiences to tears as Romeo and Juliet, and […]

A Natalia Osipova Documentary Is Hitting Theaters Tomorrow

You never quite know what’s going to happen when Natalia Osipova steps onstage—you know you’re in for something extraordinary, but the exact nature of what you’ll get is a mystery until it’s happening. It’s only fitting, then, that we would learn of Force of Nature, a new documentary following a year of the ballet superstar’s […]

Natalia Osipova Talks Giselle

When Natalia Osipova takes the stage in Giselle, she makes the ballet feel almost supernatural: In Act I, she transforms herself into a feisty but tragic peasant girl you can’t take your eyes off of; in Act II, her jumps seem to defy the laws of gravity. As Zoe Anderson of London’s The Independent puts […]

Leaping Into Leap Year With Osipova

Happy Leap Year! Today is that weird day that happens once every four years when we add an extra date onto our February calendar. So what better way to celebrate than with one of dance’s biggest leapers of all? Here, I leave you with two videos of the exuberant Natalia Osipova. Here’s the Queen of […]

Osipova & Vasiliev: Beyond the Thrills

Natlalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev upped the ante on Don Q Saturday night, reaching a level of virtuosity that one might label superhuman. Her turns were ultra speedy and her balances breathtakingly long; his leaps brought him near the flies, with newfangled splitting of his legs midair. Together, they were simply thrilling. It was an […]

Youth America Grand Prix: A tribute to Natalia Makarova.

Today’s DM Archive photo is Natalia Makarova as Juliet. Tomorrow night Youth America Grand Prix will present Ballerina Assoluta: A tribute to Natalie Makarova at Lincoln Center. Performers will include Marcelo Gomes, Tamara Rojo, Natalia Osipova, Yuan Yuan Tan, Ivan Vasiliev and Diana Vishneva! Click here for more info on the tribute.

Osipova and Vasiliev in Love

So Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev are engaged! And they’re about to dance “Romeo and Juliet for real” in London, which is driving the London critics wild with anticipation. I just feel they’re meant for each other, and I long to see them dance together again. The first time I almost saw them dance together […]

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