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Why Aren't We Seeing Older Dancers More Often?

I get it that not every older dancer is as glorious as Carmen de Lavallade. But Paradigm keeps coming up with some great dancers in its small company. For instance, Karen Brown, whom I never saw when she danced with Dance Theatre of Harlem. Radiant, delicate, and focused. These performers have such vivid eyes and […]

How These 3 Dancers Have Kept Performing Into Their 60s and Beyond

Vicky Shick, 68: “It’s about consistency.” As a young dancer, Vicky Shick never thought about how long her career might last. She danced with numerous artists, spending six years with the Trisha Brown Dance Company and becoming a choreographer along the way. At 68, she still performs in her own work, and finds younger artists […]

The Sophomore Slump Can Hit Dancers Hard—Here's How to Beat It

You did it: You landed the job, a spot at the pre-professional school of your dreams or at the best-of-the-best university dance program. And that first year was hard, and exhilarating. But since then, the shiny new has worn off, and the patina of the everyday has left you in a rut. The sophomore slump […]

What Does Fair Pay for Dancers Actually Look Like?

The dance field isn’t immune to the “gig economy” that’s disrupting everything from buying groceries to getting a ride to the airport. “We’re seeing more people identify as freelance dancers, and more people deciding not to start their own companies, because they’ve seen how that model works or, rather, doesn’t work,” says J. Bouey, dancer […]

Everything You Need to Do to Survive Colder Temps This Winter

As winter sets in, your muscles may feel tighter than they did in warmer weather. You’re not imagining it: Cold weather can cause muscles to lose heat and contract, resulting in a more limited range of motion and muscle soreness or stiffness. But dancers need their muscles to be supple and fresh, no matter the […]