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"Flesh and Bone" and Sarah Hay Nominated for Golden Globes

The dancers working on set. Photo by Myles Aronowitz, courtesy Starz. Hollywood’s take on ballet is going golden: The 73rd annual Golden Globe nominations are out, and dancer/actress Sarah Hay has been nominated for best actress in a TV movie or limited series and “Flesh and Bone” has been nominated for best TV movie or miniseries. […]

What It's Like to Choreograph a Dance-Only Episode on HBO

Ever wondered what happens in those seedy chain motels attached to airports? In the new HBO anthology series Room 104 Room 104 , created by Mark and Jay Duplass, it’s everything from the funny and eccentric to the creepy and absurd. With no connecting story for its characters, each episode takes place in one motel […]

STARZ Hires a Few ABT Stars

When we first heard that STARZ was developing a new Black Swan-esque TV series, we were intrigued, but suspicious. Does the dance world really need yet another pop culture project promising to “explore the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world”?   But now, we’re ridiculously excited. Because the series, titled “Flesh and Bone,” just announced […]

Why World Mental Health Day Matters for Dancers

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues. It’s a serious topic, and not one that is at first glance related to dance. As dancers, we tend to be extremely focused on our physical health, but taking time to acknowledge the mental and emotional challenges of our field is […]

"Flesh and Bone": Why Does Hollywood Insist Ballet Is So Dark?

It’s here: The first episode of “Flesh and Bone” is now up for a free preview, and all eight episodes will be officially released on Sunday. Be prepared for a weekend of binge watching. But don’t get your hopes too high. Sascha Radetsky and Sarah Hay in “Flesh and Bone” It’s a treat to see real dancers make […]

Will Dance for Food

It was 6 am on a Saturday, the sun was pulling up a warm summer morning, and the birds were singing just for me. I was “wrapped.” I had finished filming “Flesh and Bone” and retired from American Ballet Theatre. I felt like a creature released into the wild, freed into the next phase of […]

"Flesh and Bone" Will Bring the Drama

There’s another preview of the Starz drama “Flesh and Bone” circulating that gives us a better idea of what to expect come its premiere on November 8. It looks to be all drama, as we probably should have expected from creator Moira Walley-Beckett, who previously worked on “Breaking Bad.” Sex, drugs, eating disorders, hot tempers—they’re […]

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