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A dancer in a knee-length white dress is cradled in the arms of another dressed in a black dress that drapes to the floor. The dancer in white seems to be asleep as the dancer holding her sinks into a deep plié, resting her across their thighs while cradling the back of her neck. In the background, a shirtless figure beside a white bathtub.

Whim W’Him Opens Its Own Dance Center in Seattle

Poring through building codes, applying for permits, and choosing interior finishes isn’t what artistic directors usually do. But Whim W’Him’s Olivier Wevers has been doing that and more while renovating what was formerly a church into the Whim W’Him Contemporary Dance Center in Seattle.

A collage showcasing the 2023 "25 to Watch," who span genres, races, and genders.

Introducing Our 2023 “25 to Watch”

What will the dance world of tomorrow be like? An answer—or several—might be illuminated by our annual list of dancers, choreographers and companies on the brink of skyrocketing. 

Rena Butler in a red dress is seen from the hips up, leaning to the side, hands framing her face loosely. She looks at the camera with an open expression

Rena Butler: The Epitome of Contemporary Cool

As a rising senior at the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, Rena Butler asked Amber Lee Parker to create her graduation solo. Parker, a Purchase alumna, was then dancing with choreographer Kyle Abraham’s company. To suss out Butler’s ways of working, Parker invited the 21-year-old to a rehearsal on a hot summer day in […]

So You Got a Commission. Here's How to Make the Time Count

Getting commissioned to create a brand-new piece sounds like a dream to most freelance choreographers. You get to work with talented dancers, in studio space you don’t have to reserve yourself, sometimes with carte blanche regarding choreographic themes, music and even cast size. But, at least in concert dance, these gigs typically operate on a […]

7 Shows Hitting Screens, Stages or Scenic Settings This Month

Spring is in the air, and performance calendars are (dare we say it?) almost as busy as they ever have been, if still largely housed on the internet. This mix of online screenings, outdoor events and indoor performances for limited audiences caught our eye this month. Caged In Stefanie Batten Bland’s Kolonial Maria Baranova, Courtesy […]

Gibney Company Names Rena Butler as its First Choreographic Associate

Rena Butler has been named Gibney Company’s first-ever choreographic associate. Announced Thursday, the full-time three-year position includes liberal time for research and travel, studio space and creative and administrative support. In addition to creating new works for New York City’s Gibney Company, Butler is encouraged to pursue other national and international commissions. She will select […]

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